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The Thompson-Winnipeg bus route has been abolished due to extreme cold weather

Extreme cold Much of Manitoba was one of the most recent bus lines in the province.

The Maple Bus Line has canceled the route between Thompson and Winnipeg in the afternoon, as a cold wind of windfall predicted by the Environment Cannons, as Thompson-53 C could feel cold.

"I do not feel comfortable with these temperatures," said Litter Mann, the owner of Maple Bus Lines, who did not want to see anyone who was stranded in cold conditions.

"It's quite a waste, although gas stations and things are in huge hours.

"It's tough, but safety first, I'm probably sure if a bus goes down, it's not worth it."

A message posted on the company's Facebook page bought a Sunday run, customers would get a full refund, and Mann said bus lines wanted to book seats.

"I feel bad, but if you know what would happen, it will not be correct," Mann said.

The Maple Bus Line has made a journey between Thompson and Winnipeg since it was suspended by Greyhound Canada.

The route service begins on January 1, which improves the weather.

Nearly in the Manitoba province was the Environment Canada's extreme cold weather warning on Sunday.

The warning extends to the northern province from north to south, only in the south-east of Manitoba, preventing warning.

The environment Canada hopes that it will be a cold airfrequency mass that over the next day will hang up in the province with terrible temperatures.

The cold winds predict 40 hectares south of southern Manitoba and -45 ° C south, north of Manitoba.

Prior to getting hot, Manitoba will freeze on Wednesday, says Environment Canada.

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