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The TSX makes a difficult season in the market in a bright light

The Canadian stock market index closed with the United States markets on the last day of the difficult business year of stocks.

The S & P / TSX composite index stands at 100.86 points, at 14322.86, at the end of December at the end of December. But it was not enough to avoid significant annual losses.

The index ended 12 percent in 2018 as the start of the summer began to decline as a result of trade disputes and slowed global fear of a fear of a recession.

Decades were accelerated in December, and the force was finalized at least 13,776.90 days before scheduling a modest rally in the last days of the year.

The fall, especially in the last month of the year, was largely captured by market observers.

"We've all felt the market a bit before, or maybe in a few cases before," said Allan Small, senior HollisWealth investment consultant.

The economy has slowed down somewhat, but it is still healthy and leads to smaller measures than major economic crises.

"A lot of people are talking about the recession, but I do not think that in a short period of recession.

Investors, however, should start their ultimate volatility, China must have an important negotiating dispute in order to spend a new term in the new year, while Democrats will take over the United States House of Representatives.

"I think he gets a little more pot," said Little.

When investors got a positive outlook on commerce, President Donald Trump tweeted that he had a positive conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Small said.

"President Trump talked to the Chinese president last weekend, everything seems positive, they are leading to a commercial agreement that seems to be a positive tweet."

The news has helped support the Dow Jones industry average, 26.56.6 points, 23,327.46. The S & P 500 index rose to 21,11 points at 2,506.85, while the NASDAQ composite increased by 50.76 points to 6,635.28.

The United States still finished the year, showing the worst in a decade. S & P 500 ended 6.2 percent, Dow down 5.6 percent.

The Canadian dollar average 73.30 cents US, 0.02 percent in the US, Friday.

Gross Crunk Contracts were made eight cents at $ 45.41 in the US $ quarters and in February, the natural gas contract was 36 cents for $ 2.94 million per megabyte.

The February gold contract was $ 1.70 for $ 1,281.30 in a ship, and the March copper contract fell to five cents for a pound of $ 2.63.

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