Tuesday , January 18 2022

The ULA Delta IV Heavy rocket has been moved without delay


Delta IV Heavy rocket will not start soon.

According to The United Launch Alliance, it announced on Saturday the "launch of the Delta IV Heavy NROL-71 mission".

A new date and time will be launched to await the results of additional tests, the company said.

"We continue to solve the technical issues caused by the latest Delta IV Heavy, and we are working with our partners, the National Inspection Office and the US Air Force to be safe." said Gary Wentz, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government and Commerce Programs, "we understand that this is a serious commitment to the security and mission of the nations warriors as a priority mission."

Warning, an alert message made it clearer that "Delta IV Heavy launch has been delayed. There is no new start date".

The next announced Vandenberg AFB rocket launch is a Falcon 9, on the morning of January 8. Falcon is based on flight 07:48 to get PST and take the Iridum NEXT satellite to 66-75 orbit.

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