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The Union chief wants to join Ford's fluctuations in LCBO stores

Chris Fox,

Published: Saturday, December 29, 2018 3:52 PM EST

Last modified on Saturday, December 29, 2018 4:39 PM EST

The trade unions representing more than 7,000 workers union at LCBO are "liquidating" about the rise in liquor theft and the "Doug Ford Premier" seats.

OPSEU President Warren "Smokey" Thomas commented on CP24, after publishing a story in Toronto Star, to determine the LCBO's robbery frequency and brazenness.

According to the newspaper, LCBO stores have reported more than 9,000 injured during the last four and a half years, and it was reported to the Toronto police, which was at that time most retail chains.

The story also determined a large number of theft robberies, which were distributed to twelve bottles by different shops and by commercial buyers. In the events described in the story, two men robbed an estimated $ 2,000 robbery in the eastern LCBO store, and they are a little bit empty in the process. According to the newspaper, a certain robbery spread in three minutes and there were about 40 people.

When speaking on Saturday afternoon with CP24, Thomas said he was trying to "link" his "LCBO leadership" while not taking part in the debates.

"The LCBO seems to be worried, but trying to avoid serious measures, instead of finding solutions, is just a problem," said Thomas CP24. "I call the prime minister and minister, who is in charge of joining the LCBO, and I call him a minister and answer what he needs to do."

Workers do not engage in salespeople suspects

Earlier this month, arrested by 14 police officers arrested two people who were robbed of a ring that could be held responsible for a robbery of more than 200,000 LCBO stores.

The police arrested long-term detainees in coordination with LCBO researchers.

At least 10 people signed up to continue participating in the ring.

As Thomas has said, while employee and customer safety is their "main concern", we can find some innovative solutions to solve the real problem in LCBO stores.

"Our leadership has told me that the only idea is that LCBO could create its own security personnel, because they train in retail and retail stores that LCBO offers. They may be uniform or ordinary clothes, at least as early as possible," he said.

In a statement delivered to CP24, the LCBO has taken "appropriate robberies" to prevent theft, "support and research costs and CCTV technology."

While the LCBO is always disturbing, the amount of money that loses the robbery is below the retail industry standard.

"Drinking alcohol is the responsibility of selling alcohol in public bonds LCBO is very serious and it extends to buy robbery prevention, which is what we need to link robbery to the LCBO locations in our province, and we're always looking to minimize its impact to keep it safe as soon as possible," he said.

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