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The Union freezes alcohol without sales in the Historical Territory

LCBO is called by the trade unions represented by the crisis, and the Ford government has called for the expansion of alcohol trade plans.

Warning comes from the Toronto Star report, the LCBO has stolen more than 9,000 times in January 2018 and June 2018, as a result of a thousand dollars loss.

This month, the Toronto police arrested two people and an organized ring that was looking for 10 other people earned more than $ 200,000.

The president of OPSEU, Warren (Smokey), Thomas's recent latest media news strain, should think twice about alcohol sales in food and corner stores.

"Alcohol will always attract the attention of thieves and the underground economy, it's easy to sell cheaply in the black market," Thomas said.

Former employee requires anonymous to remain loyal to the LRB staff.

"You can not stop. You can not try and stop," says CityNews.

"They can find a way to hide $ 500-to-$ 1,000 from Alcohol everywhere and do not just click on a single store, but another store called us and just said the robbers were on our way.

As Thomas says he's been in a state of crisis situations, his mental and physical well-being is a concern for well-being.

"Nobody has to work, asking if a Vodka dollar could be damaged by a $ 15 dollar bottle," Thomas said. This means that he wants to speak with Doug Ford Premier about an action plan.

"LCBO would like to create its own security force, and training would be a specific retail experience of LCBO to keep this experience, improve it, and keep forecasts and keep people safe."

In a statement on CityNews, LCBO has "taken measures to prevent robbery from robbery to avoid security-related investment and robbery protection tactics." We have increased the costs of research and surveillance, as well as with CCTV technology, in cleaner warehouses, and always collaborate with the local police in active research. "

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