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The United States company has planned Aphria Cannabis Producer Host

US Green Growth Brands Ltd. a marijuana company announces that Aphria will bid on Thursday to make a marijuana producer worth $ 2.8 million.

Green Growth said Aphria's shareholder would offer 1,5714 Green Growth shares for each Aphry share.

Thanks to the offer, the price of Aphrian Return would be 45.5 percent premium in Toronto Stock Exchange, December 24. That day, 7.56.

On December 27, 2007, Aphria was sold on 7.57 dollars.

Green Growth joins Xanthic Biopharma Inc. and sells Canadian Exchange of Securities with GGB.

The stock of green growth began at $ 4.50 on Thursday and closed at $ 4.98.

In the meantime, Aphria has appointed Irwin D. Simon as an independent chair of the board of directors. CEO Vic Neufeld is the current chair.

At the beginning of December, the sales of Quintessential Capital Management and Hindenburg Research sellers, allegedly gaining assets acquired by LATAM Holdings in Columbia, Argentina and Jamaica, amounted to $ 280 million in the Scythian Biosciences "largely invalid".

Gabriel Grego, Quintessential Capital Management, made Aphria $ 700 million to buy subsidiaries that do not have added value to the company, and enriched the companies they took.

After hosting Neufeld CEO and CEO.

Aphry did not respond immediately to the request.

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