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The use of Cannabis is a fun-sinful behavior, the BC bishops say Catholics


A man joins together for the legalization of the kanabis game in Vancouver, on October 17, 2018.

Darryl Dyck / The Canadian Press

Colombia's Colombian and Catholic Bishops of Yukon have used medical marijuana, but have condemned smoking in the church's teachings.

A letter published online at the end of November, the bishops – B.C. and Whitehorse, warned that "the government's pure activity does not automatically mean that it is morally acceptable." The Kanabisa game became a Canadian law on October 17, one of the symbolic tasks of Justin Trudeau.

But B.C. Bishops and Yukon Bishop distinguish between therapeutic uses, such as control of pain and nausea, and fun. In the first case, the letter indicates that the use of "impairment" of the beneficial drug can be accepted as a planned, but anticipated, side. "Medicine cannabis has been a legal issue in Canada for almost two decades.

"When the need to use a drug is not in medicine and only when the use of the inebriation is used, the behavior is sin," the state of bishops.

This is not the first time Canadian Catholic leaders have condemned cannabis legalization. At the beginning of June, Bill C-45, the Cannabis Law, was approved in a parliamentary letter, the Catholic External Bishops Conference wrote in a letter, that is, the Professor of the Canadian Board of Imamen also acknowledged that legalization would be "misfortune" and "harmful to many people".

The Catholic Church chats a collection of doctrines, except "therapeutic reasons," that it is committed to using drugs and says that drugs "cause serious harm to human health." Bishops, in their statement, should "talk to those priests" who this scholarly account should be a priest priest. "

In order to explain the reasoning, the letter states that the people affected will not be considered as surplus. It also argues for the effects that affect health, and some can become cannabis friends. Additionally, bishops say marijuana "artificially changes consciousness … this can be a way to prevent the challenges they face in our lives."

"This psychological pain should be used legally," they concluded.

The pope, Francis, whose liberal quarterly wins have made some promising proclamation in the proclamation of the proclamation of the proclamation of the Catholicists who receive the Eucharist – said in 2014 when speaking of leaders of global anti-drug agencies, the "attempts to legalize Drug Dependencies" As they are limited, they are not very doubtful from a legislative point of view but create undesired effects.

"Let's say this is as clear as possible: the problem of drug use is not resolved with drugs. Drug addiction is evil, and evil can not be a performance or commitment," he said.

The post came to all the offices of all signatories; Both were not useful and five did not respond to the request for dialogue.

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