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The value of Russell's Oilers proved to be absent from his absence

EDMONTON – In a way, Kris Russell has become a lot of players when they really appreciate each other.

It is really passionate for these fans, of course. And the analytics community, Russell was tough.

"Stats do not like boys," he said in his game. "Members are not taken into account".

In the sixth straight game, Russell proves the value of his lack of lack. Oilers fans – their style, or their $ 4 million paycheque declaring themselves, will also be noticeable.

Thus, we asked specifically for a few NHL players: What is Russell's favorite game, so many fans can not get, or notice?

"I do not think I realize the leadership, the experience that comes into the room, how young boy can help the time, or sit next to the bench," said Cam Talbot's Oilers goaltender, while Mikko Koskinen will go back to Vancouver. "Sometimes, when there is a teammate and no coach standing behind, the lesson is a bit better".

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Russell is an unsuccessful fraud (it is believed to be a cross), while Oscar Klefbom is missing out, forcing him to break a broken finger. The gap left by these players lost three games, as coach Ken Hitchcock retrieved late as the Oilers team that blocked training.

"It is unfortunate that when you get the two boys at the same time," said Russell. "Just do my best" to return as soon as possible. I'm sixth and I'm watchin 'up. Fortunately, it's a bit earlier. "

Saturday may be played on Saturday when he visits San Jose, but Russell's absentee from two hockey viewpoints: inside the wardrobe, and spread out of the open space.

As Analytics does not stop playing, Russell (and the players that have played with it) are those who call PDOs or use heat maps. It's not a coincidence that people do not know the movement of the game and an example of a system of perceiving the numbers, but they can still not be quantified with intangibles that are significant in the NHL dressing. room

Alex Edler asked that Kris Russell be comparable. He immediately concluded: "Mattias Ohlund."

"Mattias Ohlund was very standard, in my eyes, it was never a bad game," Edler said. "Always solid, with the first mentality that has always been played, everything he needed to help the team, sacrifice the body.

"You may not be able to make clear things that stand out. But when you're offline, you realize that you need these types of players, always solid and do not make mistakes."

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You can see the NHL line-up and down, and you will see that the player's 30-40 percent will not have much effect on the points. This team allows valuable scores and goalkeepers save some of the improvements saved, and often the mental part of the game.

"There are some (qualities), through analysis, you can not get it," said Talbot. "Check out a boy like Matt Hendricks." The Glue Guy. These guides, the intangible ones that I've brought, I do not think you realize that you are completely out of this room.

"(Russell) will put his body in front of anything, that is, we came to love him," said Oilers goalkeeper. "But there are some small plays, they read rhythm, some of the young boys are still there, arrives at that level, fans do not see small things, or they emphasize it."

Russell lost five games, Edmonton received only three points. Certainly, Klefbom reveals the lack, but, in spite of that, if he has returned to his return, Oilers will be a happy group.

"The boys that jumped have done a good job, but, of course, I've been here a bit more and I want to play the team. I understand that the player can read it," said Russell. "I'm more passionate about the defense, if you can play it when I do something, I'm a little bit safer."

As a safe player. Safe as buses.

Unfortunately for Russians, he is a player living in the world of disturbances.

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