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The Walking Dead ended in the mid-9th season

The Walking Dead It has been a series of many years, but the 8th season of the 8th season has been the first place in the history of the show.

"Evolution", the disappearance of Jesus and the opening of Whisperers, totaled 5.1 million viewers.

Comparing the Midseason finals in the 8th season (where Carl Grimes said his father told Ricki) he took 7.89 million.

The Walking Dead, the last scene of Jesus, Tom Payne


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The good news was that 9th season 9s were rising by the week before (4.79 million) and being honest, still the ninth anniversary cable shows have still been very strong and they have to face their loss.

Showrunner Angela Kang decided to kill Jesus, wanted "epic something" to mark the "arrival of Whisperers".

"[Jesus is] The life of this character really matters to the people of this group and to those who remain behind. This will have a great impact. It has a great impact on the story, "he said.

The 9th season is dead


Jesus actress Tom Payne also admitted he was glad after losing the show after his TV character broke in two previous seasons.

AMC has released the trailer for the ninth season's trailer, the Whisperers action, a flashback suggestion and the leading Whisperers leader to show Alpha.

The Walking Dead he will return Sunday, February 10 AMC in the U.S. and Probably, on Monday, February 11 FOX in the United Kingdom. You can also receive the show through NOW TV.

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