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The Warriors team's Raptors rivals will evaluate the team's decision according to the focus

Toronto Raptors has full attention to the NBA.

The franchises and fan bases that led to locally insecure certificates in the "We the North" galaxy of the Galaxy galaxy of the galaxy of the competition are no longer trapped in the middle seat, flying private in the other parts of the economy south of the south.

There were good players. They signed in to search for free brokers, and even though it was quite literally freezing after all the NBA star games a few years passed, everyone had the best time. The main US agents in the United States have made their way to the north to write good features.

LeBron James likes here, and not just the personal winners of his 10th season, customs on this side. He is in Los Angeles, but he spreads across Tiff's disturbances to suggest from us. Charles Barkley reminds us of TNT.

But Raptors is not a good story. They are a factor. An obstacle. Consider a group. They scored the NBA's best record of 18-4, competing for three competitions and did not believe they played well.

NBA faults in the league, including 40 Raptors games. Also, get the NHL, MLB, Premier League, CHL and more.

On Thursday night, the Eastern Time Zone is the only NBA game that defends Toronto and twice champion Golden State Warriors, a TNT Friday night broadcasting match.

They can not hide and they will not light up.

"Right now they are the best and I hope there for the whole stay," the Golden State Warriors shoot sharp shooter Klay Thompson told reporters Monday that Oakland warriors will be ready for five games as the head of the road at the Scotiabank in Toronto. "It has a huge length and two-way players, of course, Kawhi [Leonard] He's back and he plays MVP at a level. Kyle Lowry is a great leader, as well as a bulldog. So, it will be an excellent test for us. Who knows, it may be a June preview. They really have something special here in Canada. "

So, everyone looks, what will Raptors do?

Recovery is outstanding. Raptors recently attended the NBA, became the No. 1 Eastern Conference, and James and Cleveland Cavaliers were extremely evil in four games. After a five-year construction recaptured from the Toronto-based league group, bright lights were shown too. Masai Ujiri, President Raptors, has worked hard and important, and something serious about LeBronto, about four unpleasant games.

The rise of Raptors was largely due to the NBA team's age with Warriors appearances, but when Warriors won three titles and records, all of Raptors had to show that the NBA was a terrifying existence. : A group is not really a champion worth it anyway? Is cohabitation worth the championship long ago?

Ujiri was not the answer, no.

What's how to get here Cleveland's fears were that Ujiri intended him to hire a former coach, Dwane Casey, to hire his assistant Nick Nurse, and then Raptors would bring the biggest deal. DeMar DeRozan (and Jakob Poeltl) sent to San Antonio Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green.

The returns were immediate. Raptors spoke off-season on the ground; Maybe an external NBA story with James Lakers. On the floor, the new looks of Raptors have exceeded the most reasonable expectations and they have not yet achieved much success.

"It's a lot of things, you know what I mean? I do not want to like that, right now," said Leonard on Wednesday at the Raptors practice facility. "But I feel it's still better. I feel like we're getting together, but I'm feeling like I keep getting better … it's not necessarily a record. As we are playing, we'll have to play it well, we'll be back with 15 points and teams and lowering 15. This way, you can play well. The album does not show but when you're in the group, you can get a feeling. "

Donnovan Bennett and JD Bunkis talked about Toronto Raptors and talked about NBA fans, news, reviews and interviews.

Leonard has won an NBA title and has appeared in two NBA finals, as it is green, which keeps him and his new team. He is in the 60th season, but he is in the 16th position.

So, he does not believe everything that Kevin Durant and Warriors did not link to.

"To build another game and get it better," Leonard said. "We guys go and challenge, score, defend, do the same every night, it's a long way."

But Raptors, on the way to the Promised Land – on June's date (presumably), Warriors begins somewhere.

This version of Warriors seems to be quite vulnerable – 5-5 wins in 10 games, Steph Curry has lost a fatal injury, and locomotive voltages are still in the public age – Warriors are still. They will be ready to return to Curry and Draymond Green again, they will be a team of modern basketball, rhythm and a three point kick and ball movement and freedom.

Like many teams, Raptors were organized with Warriors. The long and changing athletes were able to change their positions to defend themselves in long and changing athletics, playing dramas and reflections.

But everyone has a plan, said Mike Tyson, until he gets caught on the face and Warriors continues to throw bombs. Curry was injured before 10-1. He was laminated.

"People are trying to do what they do, but nobody likes them," said Nurse. "It still destroys you with thirty bases, and another one … leads [the spirit] If you're not so complicated and hard to beat from you, you'll turn it on at another 30 feet.

"When each team gets shaken, you will see that they only touch the ropes and they will continue to fight," said Nurse. "Fortunately, mentally, we will have enough to cope with that."

How to play Raptors can give you some instructions on the situation in Raptors.

The group did not collectively experience the era underneath the era, and from now on it has not been around for almost a quarter of a year and the whole series of things that Raptors could play in this league in June.

The NBA will watch and Raptors will be wise to use all the possibilities to represent everything.

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