Wednesday , May 18 2022

The wedding of Hells Angel in Montreal draws the crowd, contempt


As the former federal court says, it outraged an important celebration in Montreal to allow Hells Angel to marry.

"It's unacceptable," said Gilles Duceppe Bloc Quebecois, leaders of CTV Montréal.

"They are closing their eyes, those who do not say a word do not accept dirty money."

Duceppe made comments on Saturday, the same day they married more than 270 guests, married to Martin Robert and Annie Arbic, at The Windsor Ballroom.

Robert, 44, is a senior Hells Angel dad. He collected the most 10 individuals in Quebec in 2009.

Duceppe, a former public defender of Hells Angels, refused to negotiate business with legitimate business.

"They are laughing at us, they are criminals, and they are in one of the most prestigious hotels," he said.

"Everything is dirty with money."

Weddings also attracted the attention of a crime analyst organized by the old CRMP. Pierre de Champlain Tweeted He revealed the event "Invincibility feeling".

Police in the summer calculated that Hells Angels controls more than 95 percent of the drug trafficking market in Quebec, a province that is stronger than ever.

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