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The whale is most likely caught aboard – BC News

The shipwrecked whale ship, Tsawwassen's dead, was found a month earlier and discovered necropsy.

Whale was found on November 16 near the BC Ferries terminal.

Necropsy results released Wednesday, consistent with her death's "helicopter wound disaster congestion inflammation," CTV News reports.

Meanwhile, dead calf deaths were found near the dead Nootka Island, two days before, dead in a few months after being born.

DNA said it was a temporary whale and it is not part of the population of the southern orcas in danger.

– CTV with Vancouver files


He was served to Surrey who has been attacked by a self-aggressor at a bus terminal in the Toronto area.

Ronjot Dhami three B.C. The men captured on video on March 13, at the age of 13. He pleaded an assault on the sanction on Monday, CTV News reports.

Dhami was given a 12-month term, but he was charged with custody for the service. He will have a province for two years.

"I'm sorry for what I did," said Dhamik in the court.

Parmvir Singh Chahil and Jaspaul Uppal were also attacked.

– CTV with Vancouver files

B.C. The Government has called for an interest in providing an alternative bus service to fill the vacancies that end in October leaving the Greyhound.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure published its release so far, 83% of old routes were covered, such as the application of cut-outs, such as Ebus, looking for steps. However, there are still eight routes yet. nothing

Now, the call for expressions of interest, private sector operators, nonprofit societies, community agencies, local governments, indigenous communities, or other stakeholders can think of it as a state. The Board of Directors of Transportation shall also request the license of the interested parties.

They are eight routes:

  • Cache Creek to Kamloops Highway 1
  • From Kamloops to Valemount 5 from the motorway
  • B.C.-Alberta is on the national border with 5 and 16 freeways
  • Dawson Creek B.C.-Alberta Highway 2 border
  • Salmo Creston on 3 and 6 motorways
  • From the Cranbrook B.C.-Alberta border to Highway 3
  • From the Fort Nelson B.C.-Yukon border to Highway 7
  • I expect Princeton on Highway 3

The deadline for submitting candidates will be January 15, 2019, and the publication of the offer can be found here. The ministry remains in dispute with the government and other provinces and territories, finding a viable long-term solution for B.C. Citizens.


Alanna Kelly

You can watch high-tech cameras caught in the wild wrecked animals of the B.C.

The WildSafeBC 100th Anniversary celebration, the Wild Wednesday video festival, brings together the best and most impressive videos. The entire video has been channeled more than five times over 1,100 times.

Senior WildSafeBC Coordinator Frank Ritcey's six-minute video from his favorite video tells a wolf pack and his husband.

"We got the footage of Wolves and his groom, how many times can you see to see something like that?" he said. "Not very often."

Cameras located in B.C. They captured a wolf and a bear, eagles and horses, lynxes, coupons and butterfly monarchs.

"Some of our favorite things are animals that are usually not able to see things they would not normally have," said Ritcey.

The idea behind Holy Week in the wilderness was wild.

"Our idea is to see wildlife in nature, rather than rubbish in the streets of our sides," said Ritcey.

WildSafeBC's motto is "safe keeping for the wild and community" and is expected to teach communities how to reduce conflict in the wild.

The full version of the video can be found on the WildSafe BC Facebook page.

Suddenly volleyball teams have dropped out of hospital by a group of crashed on Tuesday and return to Prince George home.

BC Air Ambulance and paramedics Highway 97 run near Cache Creek after the school van went off the path after noon.

The College Heights team of 10 primary and two teams formed. A person needs airlifted from one scene.

The group member has thanked all the best wishes sent.

"We all agree," Cougars said. "Thank you all for all prayer and love."

A player was in a critical condition, but he was admitted to hospital on Friday night.

School District 57 Supt. Marilyn Marquis-Forster said Castanet had five students attending to their Royal Hospital in Kamloops at 8:30 p.m.

"Together with our boys and growns, they met in a hotel in Kamloops last night, and they organized a home tour," said Marquis-Forster. "Our mind is on the way today, on the way home".

"We're very happy," he said. "We were excited … but today we are happy and happy to come home."

The cause of the blow is being studied.

Alanna Kelly

November 28, 2018 / 11:01 | Story:

An angry worker in a magnificent garden in the downtown Vancouver expects three big koi ornaments to be ready for a river lobster, 10 fish to live in the park and valuable.

The crew are reducing the bend pond in the Chinese garden of the classic Sun Yat-Sen, and Debbie Cheung spokesman expects the water level to be cleared and cleared and the fish removed on Wednesday.

A special Koi was taken to the Vancouver Aquarium after being held during the weekend, and Cheung had two more while searching for the third time.

Trafficking in human trafficking and slippery binds have not been successful, and Cheung says it has been a sign of this animal for at least three days.

In water, they continue to reduce water levels to get rid of fish, while still more than 10 days of eating at sea.

"We scratching our heads," says Cheung. "The otter has not eaten anything, none of our koi, since Sunday"

He has captured drama imaginations by creating multiple hashtag social media and creating hypothetical groups that have succeeded in eating or eating.

If the pond is returned and trapped, there are plans to go to Fraser Valley.

Choosing your Christmas tree is an honorable tradition, and while allowing a stalemate in the forest of the residents, they need permission first.

An admission can be obtained online, or in the local resources office or FrontCounter BC office.

Offshore local resource offices provide details on specific crop cuts and approved areas of harvest

Only personal use permissions will be used. It is illegal to sell a tree trimmed with the Christmas tree or to cut a tree into an unauthorized area.

When the Christmas tree is cut, consider the following tips:

  • Leave home prepared. Bring your ropes, gloves, tools, tire chains, a first aid kit, a mobile phone and clothes.
  • Drive carefully Prepare to make trucks.
  • Be sure to cut the right tree before you find it. Some permissions can only cut a tree.
  • Do not leave stump sharp, so it can damage livestock, wildlife, animals or humans.
  • Choose a tree that can be cut next to the base and easily transported. When tree remains remain in the tree, they can cause a summer fire hazard.
  • Clear and delete waste related to this activity.

Landing members are reminded to check the online maps provided by the districts to ensure they are evaluated in a specific area. There is no license due to the density of the available population and the demand for trees in the Chilliwack district.

To B.C. When the ghost was in limbo for a month, when he returned home home to Ghana, he accepted his son back to Canada without a boy.

Kim Moran was waiting for his son's immigration papers to be processed, but he was forced to reach Abbotsford home, flung his MS in his hospital.

The two-year-old son of Ayo arrived at the Vancouver International Airport on Tuesday with reports from CTV News.

"Probably, the hardest part was taken to me at the airport and I knew … They told me they were goodbye and I came home," said Kim CTV.

Moran was in Ghana since the summer, and her husband, Clark, arrived in Nigeria to finish the adoption. Waiting for just a few weeks, Clark returned to Canada, Kim and Ayo stayed in Ghana.

It is not after the process has been over three months.

"When we are trying to do it, it's not a family, no homeless, a boy who has not lived in Canada and has a family home here, and we feel it's a repetition after the road block." Kim said.

Clark is in Ghana today with Ayo, so Kim can get medical attention.

Canadian immigration officials may stay in the process for two years, depending on the country of origin of the child. Morans' paper was received in February 2017.

"The Accra mission is currently in charge of processing this application," said Ahmed Hussen's immigration office on Tuesday in a statement.

– CTV with Vancouver files

Classes will now be retrieved at the Victoria's Camosun College after a weekend fire arson.

The three university buildings recommend that they open again in the area of ​​Interurban areas, after supposedly breaking and setting fire.

The Business and Access Center, the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence and the Commerce and Innovation Center closed weekend and Wednesday, CTV News reports.

When the man was still arrested at the campus, the police said.

Aaron Raschke, 30, broke up and entered the fire, mischief and robbery.

No one was injured in fires, but close was about 2,000 students.

– CTV files in Vancouver Island

A Vancouver-based company & # 39; Green & # 39; He expects to become a Christmas.

For the second consecutive year, CannaCalendar will throw a gift for those who prefer sugar cane.

$ 139 – or $ 99 Cyber ​​Monday during the week – surely do not know what the weed lover brings to life in their 25 different strain days.

Bobna Hopeful, of CannaCalendar, told CTV News that they are met with different tensions over previous compartments.

"It's been a tough test this summer and our elves are working hard on every calendar with 25 grams of samples," he said.

"All the inputs to find out what you expect from the high value or medicinal value of each voltage is that the effects are dependent on the voltage of the user, so you try as many voltages, which is the smartest way to find out what's best for you."

– CTV with Vancouver files

Const. It will stick a little scarecrow.

The Coquitlam RCMP is rewarding with Const. The work of the txupinazo with an extended work contract. The pilot projects of the roadmap of life-sized life poster have exceeded expectations and the speed of more advanced drivers has slowed down.

Since Sept.18, the RCMP has controlled its effect using the BlackCat speed control system.

"Perhaps, it is still one of the biggest surprises nowadays, after two weeks after that, people have still slowed down in the Constitution." Txorimalo, "Cpl. Michael McLaughlin. "The number of drivers that exceeded the speed limit of 10 km / h was before half of the constitution. The txupinazo was installed."

Now, as Constable Scarecrow demonstrates, the project has been extended for a year. The initial instructions are Const. Txorimalo will accept the extension of the contract.

Its perks include, for example, upgraded versions, heavier and more realistic steels, a more secure feature, for example, a reflective tape that matches a uniform tape bag.

"We are glad that Constable Scarecrow respects us, but nobody assumes it," McLaughlin said. "We're assigning more Efficiency groups to help the Constitution. It's a man who has little in common, and his teammate is more likely to be able to write tickets for people who speed up speed."

Two old Nanaimo bundled, robbed and robbed them at home in a rabid invasion on Tuesday.

The three men entered the house of a couple when they reached the open door at the age of 4.

An intrusive head wears a fake object, before connecting the man and woman with the belts, CTV News reports. After 20 minutes the house was destroyed, some items were stolen along with the car of the couple.

The woman finally released her and asked for help from the next door. Paramedek brought men to the hospital, treated for lacerations themselves.

The police believe that invading homes can be corrected as a bad identity.

"Based on the interviews with the victim and some suspects, it was an incident that happened, but they got the wrong house," RCMP Sgt. Gary O & # 39; Brien said CTV.

Police are looking for help identifying attackers.

"We hope that such a successful success is because it is a standard that you are not crossing," said O & # 39; Brien. "You do not take advantage of the elderly".

Mike Gogo has also given a prize of 5,000 euros to face the arrest.

– CTV files in Vancouver Island

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