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The winner of the Giordano game ensures the captain's history of Flames

NEWARK, N.J. – The celebration of his goal was a great pride for his teammates.

Among the hockey battles won a place.

Mark Giordano scored the new milestone on Wednesday as his age, his winners of the 2-1 wins world-wide, gave him 60 points of the season, adding an exclusive boys club.

Only four players in the NHL have scored 60 points per year, age 35 or over – Nicklas Lidstrom, Ray Bourque, Al MacInnis and Sergei Zubov.

"I'm all guys looking. I've had the pleasure of playing Lidstrom with her and I think it's always the best, so the surrealist who told me the same phrase is for me," said the 35-year-old Flames captain, his team won his seventh straight.

"Ray Bourque the same thing. I remember growing up and playing video games, it was one of my favorite guys, these guys are really Hall of Fame (except Zubov), but it's pretty cool to mention them."

Moreover, while joining the Giordano group, there is another legendary defense in the press conference.

"It's not a bit surprising – I thought that's why many years ago," said Mark Wyeing, director of Red Wings, Mark Howe, who knows exactly how longevity and blue line shine.

"Above all, today, if you're in a good shape and still have a good time to move around, there's no reason to be in those years.

"They have a hell of five units of man and they have a lot to do with them. You can see that they have a lot of chemistry and they will not leave anything defensible. I think they have a lot more on their own, but they do not need to."

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The triumph was a trip of three months, the swings of three eastern roads and 17 days away from home. All in all, they ended on February 8 to take them to the West Conference in February to seven points.

They made their last-of-a-kind defense chain, giving a fourth goal of the direct match.

And the boys spent a great deal of time discussing defensive improvements and shining the roads after the match (11-21-2), surely Gio's goal was to ensure that many of the cell phone's shots were collected.

Over the night, over 1-0, Giordano moved only to the left with Mackenzie Blackwood, deftly sculpted in the middle direction and in the puck the cage was left behind.

When he went to the jubilee corner, he stretched his left hand and bent his fingers as if tickling a dog's stick.

"Something different from the last ones (goals) was a bit different and that's why it was worse," said Giordano at the age of 14. .

"I do not know what I will do next time – fortunately, the next time it's there, but I'll be comfortable".

By clicking on describing his movement, the man with all movements fled.

"Now, they're even being given to me?" The Norris Trophy front-runner ran.

"I found it to be ice. I do not know how to say it. I am honest, shame."

Rasmus Andersson, a "scary", was not seen by David Rittiche, "thanks to the god", and Noah Hanifin called her "caress" while she was raining the church.

"My celly is not that well, so I think we are both working to achieve that," laughed Elias Lindholm, who had finalized the male advantage, kicking off a fluky bank by defensive skate.

"As long as they achieve these goals, to celebrate as they wish."

Kevin Rooney made a second stop in the second place when Flames retrieved the defense prowess. Rittiche saved 19

The third time he was shocked by the match, Mirkin Mueller captured Devils's edge and Michael Frolik assumed it. The young men were still standing, their faces passed a few minutes and 12,019 people were amazed. In the end, he demolished a wheelchair in a camera singer "Mueller, Mueller", continuing to reflect on the crowd. Devils reported that he had a full sensation and movement.

Flames returns to Calgary for months of homemade cooking, with only five games from Dome, Larome Iginla Saturday's jumper jumper event.

"That's a good team, it should be tough," Howe assessed, until he was 40, before hanging his father Gordie.

"In the West it is particularly tough to get out. However, if there is a good chance of getting a goal, the playoffs will go a long way."

Now it would be a field worth seeing.

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