Monday , June 5 2023

The World AIDS Day reflects light on the prevention of false prevention medicine


On December 1, AIDS Day is celebrated worldwide around the world and in London, Ontario. The police continue to strengthen the prevention of HIV prevention in the province.

World AIDS Day is the day of celebration of AIDS victims and awareness about HIV spread. The World Health Organization announces this year's theme of the 30th anniversary of the AHT "find out your situation".

New Democrat MPP Terance Kernaghan is a critic of LGBTQ in Ontario. This province will provide universal coverage of pre-exposure prophylaxis, also called PrEP.

"Health care is a great help. While we look across Canada, the provinces cover the cost of PrEP, as they will increase AIDS and infection rates," said Kernaghan.

"Unfortunately, this is not the drug that covers Ontario."

PrEP is a daily pill, 99%, to stop the transmission of HIV.

The cost of the generic drug form is about $ 250 per month, the brand name version, Truvada, for $ 1,000 a month. In regards to the most vulnerable risks of the waves, the higher costs could not be able to buy medicine.

It is a large province, there are about 30,000 people living with HIV, and 1 to 5 people do not know about the virus. The quality of life for each patient is $ 250,000. Kernaghan says that preventive medicine would save the country's money in the long term.

"In our opinion, taking medications that require these medications through a universal medications program will make people healthier and will save the health sector costs," he said.

Kernaghan began to invest in the drug in September, but has not acted until now.

Alberta approved the coverage of medication begun on October 1, in line with the other six provinces that are covered.

Globalization was 36.9 million livroses in 2017 with HIV and 940,000 people died of AIDS.

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