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The years of decline in doping scams have been growing, Christine Girard wins the Olympic medal


After the war, Christine Girard of Canada Weightlifter finally awarded the Olympic medal once again: London 2012 gold and 2008 Beijing bronze.

It has been a long process for today's Girard, who had been stolen by the tragic victory of the last victory.

Girard received two medals at the Ottawa ceremony on Monday morning.

Bronze was first placed around the neck and a 33-year-old team wearing Team Canada wearing a sweater both raised their arms.

Christine Girard received the Olympic Gold Olympic Games in London 2012 and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Bronze medal at the Ottawa National Arts Center. (John Kealey / COC)

The Athlete took the next step at the top of the podium to receive the gold medal. Jeane Lassen, a Girard coach in London, Girard presented a bouquet of roses.

The North of the North was only in the sigh of Girard's eyes.

In a video prepared in advance, the athlete said that "so much" was lost, for not having his medal in the season, but now he is "so much" more interested.

"We can do it in the right way and we can win it properly, which means my medals," said Girard, his friends, families and three children with their support.

Christine Girald left Aliana with her mother, after leaving Samuel and Philip in the hands of the gold medalists and bronze medalists during the Ottawa ceremony on Monday. (Adrian Wyld / Canadian Press)

Tricia Smith, a member of the International Olympic Committee, told Girard that he was "responsible and hard-working" before the ceremony.

"The value of Christine's sport, the value of each person, the value of the community, is a belief that comes from the whole," said Smithe.

"Applying to every aspect, everything you do is a very Olympian."

Canadian First Olympic Tournament

In April, the International Olympic Commitment confirmed that Girard would provide a gold medal in a weight of 63 kilograms. Girard won a bronze medal, but won a gold treasure after recovering more than 1,500 uranium samples from the Beijing Olympic Games and Olympic Games in London.

Kazakhstan's Maiya Maneza and Russian Svetlana Tsarukaeva samples, originally first and second-end, respectively, were tested for banned substances.

Christine Girard is the first gold medalist in Canada with weight. (Hassan Ammar / Associated Press)

Girard, Rouyn-Noranda, What. -Well, but now lives in White Rock, B.C., the first Olympic championship in Canada.

He won a bronze medal in Beijing in August of 2016 among the Beijing Games in 2008, for the departure of a silver medal for Irina Mekrassova in Kazakhstan. Girard was fourth at the ceremony.

We can do it properly and we can win it properly. That's my medals.– Christine Girard, Canadian Weightlifter

Girard also said that CBC Sports had doubts about its competitors in April.

"[I] He suspected that women had some physical changes, because they would be really harder, "he said at the time.

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