Thursday , June 8 2023

The ZTE headset is a screen cut


The natural evolution of Notch is a drilling hole. The whole thing on the screen can be found in the search of a smartphone. Well, at least as close as possible. Bells, as we know, are past issues, and we will use smartphones or screen holes to maximize real estate screens and screen ratios. Samsung and Huawei are competing directly with the drilling hole for the first manufacturer to announce a smartphone.

However, the holes on the screen do not necessarily have to be about the camera. According to the new ZTE patents, the manufacturer of the device will be a screen cutter that will hold the headset. In this way, the ZTE was able to remove the viewfinder from the top and extract all the possible details of the phones on the screen. The drawings on the presentation of patents do not show a front camera; This means that the device does not have one, or what can be behind the screen, pushing an exciting and envelope.

The usual advice of skepticism is that it is patent, although it does not mean that we will soon see the product that we will market soon, if any. What it means, however, is considering ZTE.

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