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These guys should win 10: & # 39; LSU does not lose any absurd afternoon movies to reduce the goals of the season


COLLEGE STATION, Texas – He looked forward to sitting on the podium, a bit wet from Gatorade's bathing bath, he spent 90 minutes before finishing the game, trying to make sense of nonsense.

What can Ed Orgeron say about this one? How could the LSU coach talk about a football tonight?

In eight seasons, three-time kick-off of the post-game points, the referees had to make their definitive endings, and on the other hand, giving Orgeron and his players a sense of all.

"I do not think so," said Foster Moreau.

7 LSU (9-3, 5-3 SEC) lost regular season from 74-72-22. Texas A & M remembers one of the absurd nights of football. Both parties have performed dramatic plays and have challenged the challenges according to the challenge, to perform a seven-hour seven-minute will.

This LSU game will go to history

Orgeron, however, dissolved some of these seasons or plays in difficult times, because they did not think that all these seasons had to be played.

He was not disappointing. He was not emotional. The same thing said: "This game came out of LSU.

The match ended with the LSU at the end of the 31-24 rule and the Texas A & M downfield driving. Aggies made it to 19 and the ball started to rot, but the time remained, until the officials were ordered until they had to be in seconds for a second.

Texas A & M Kellen Mond used the second to give a touch of 19-meter touch to Quartney Davis to add time.

"In my opinion, the second one never had to be watched," Orgeron said.

When a NCAA regulator can not carry the ball, a clock of three seconds can take the clock and the clock must expire. Orgeron said why this was not the case on Saturday.

Steve Kragthorpe LSU analyst punched on post-game scuffle

After Orgeron picked up his team and the season and all the footballers, he responded that he did not return correctly.

It seemed to have been called the Grant Delpit, before Mond's knee was cast. The ball was controversial in the first and fourth place. The second was placed on the clock. He was not ruled out by the officials of the Delphi who were governed by a sudden passage. It was not controversial to turn Greedy Williams into the last two-point interference.

Over time, LSU was the official winner of this game, and during this time, Texas A & M offered a new opportunity when the door opened, and Aggies never wasted those options.

And when all of these events happened – Kendrick Rogers remarkably caught or frustrating calls – Orgeron turned to his players, put a big-ole passion and said, "we'll get some extra football, baby."

Students and fans held a Texas A & M soccer player for the NCAA college football match at LSU on Saturday, November 24, 2012 at College Station, Texas. Texas A & M won 74-72 in seventh extra time. (AP Photo / David J. Phillip) AP David J. Phillip

By the time Orgeron could not think of it. It was only a season with LSU, it was 10-2, and won the first two times in 2012 for two regular season.

The number is arbitrary, but it was the same. Right or wrong, there is a difference between 10-2 and 9-3 optics, especially in a school like LSU, so mediocrity is sick. Tire, Orgeron also won a $ 100,000 bonus.

So Orgeron smiled and said he was frustrated by the importance of not being the 10th brand of contemporary fashion like a chaotic one.

"These guys should win 10 games," he said. "They wanted these guys, these guys worked hard, and they deserve it. The second one never got a watch".

This is Saturday, so challenge them. Then it came in for eight hours, the conclusion seemed to be far from the 60-minute origin.

Each player has two players after the injuries. Both are nonsensic and creative, behind LSU, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Tory Carter, at the touchdown.

"That was the worst game ever I've ever had," LSU shooter Cole Tracy said. "I think everyone probably says the same thing."

LSU reacts to the controversial loss of players

However, they will eventually last more than seven seasons, and there will be no more than nine wins in the big scheme of things.

LSU did not do much.

And after the game the vibe was not as trivial and anger as unbelievable. The absurd football tonight happened on Saturday night, and nobody could make sense at that moment.

But it was Ed Orgeron, Gatorade covered the team two hours earlier, as he won, he had to take the road to hire on Monday, with no win of 10-2.

"There was nothing with me," he said. "These guys are getting upset. That's all. They fought and fought hard."

Then LSU Baton Rouge landed on the ground, and therefore had to flee to New Orleans. They did not have a bus and they did not have a way home.

Then, a group of eight years old was lost in the track that sat on the seats, trying to make sense of nonsense.

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