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This is Jax Taylor's masterpiece called "Vanderpump Rules"

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Even Jax Taylor- Vanderpump Standards It seems that he lives a better life right now, he had a delicious Christmas. The holiday will probably mark a sadness on Taylor's release on Sunday two years ago since he lost his father, Christmas two days later.

Taylor reconsidered that this loss would be destructive, and this last post is so unwanted.

That interest was shared

Taylor and his father, originally from Michigan, shared the love of Detroit Red Wings. Taylor said: "One year ago I plan to become my best friend, while I am still waking every morning, I always expect that text, I hope," he cried, what's happening? Why do not you go into it today? / Or "are your cars doing" or, most importantly, "Did you see the @desetroitredwings game last night?". He thought he had invested in a team. His tie so much. "

Taylor's sadness is still gross

See this message on Instagram

Where do I start … I lost the best man I knew yesterday, it was my best friend. I did not go one day, without a context, usually, a simple question that nourished nuts, but I know he loved it. My father loved his family in more than one world, he was "a perfect father" and they all wanted to be happy and happy. I took cancer my father in the 61st, soon, but I hope and we must pray that God has a greater plan with him. Another family who loved nothing else was the other two Detroit Redwings hockey and cars … It was a simple man, but he did not talk a lot, but when he heard it. I will never forget 5am hockey practices in Windsor Canada on weekends, we have had a lot of hockey tournaments and small conferences. It was always in every practice and every game. When I went to visit Florida, I liked seeing my best friend, our fishing crews and public hockey teams went to Tampa. "Cuz Tampa was definitely defeated by Detroit," he said, "my parents lived in Tampa, but my dad in Detroit Michigan is home. My father never said a negative word, he helped so many young and old people … I could not move forward. I love you father, you are the best thing that ever happened to you, so I am proud to be your son. Do not worry, I'll go down this summer in the summer, but we need your help when it comes down. In the end … thank you, my father, thank you for giving me everything I needed in life. One day, I hope you are half father. You love so much dad … ✝️ also thank you for my amazing "rock" for my girlfriend Brittany, I could not, and you could not do that with you. My father loves you very much, thank you for helping me and my angel, and you will always be. Thank you so much for coming. I do not have a place to meet everyone, but it means so much. #fuckcancer

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Holidays, especially those who surround a loved one, are harder. "I can not believe when you go, sometimes I do not think it's real, all the time I hear your voice mail and videos, always thinking," what if? "Or" why? "Taylor wrote.

Like many people who love grandma, Taylor still talks to her father. "I know a lot of positive things that happened to me this year, and I have seen many signs. We continue to be appointments, but today they make a church on Wednesday and my ashes fight with me on the battlefield. Btw, all my dad loves your corvette and I will take care of it I'm marrying this year's father, I do not know how I should physically stand up for myself, and it helps me in my legs as a newspaper in my legends, I'll lose my God that day. "

Taylor also admitted he was angry when he lost his father. "After passing, I must confess that I did not recognize God, I was angered, how could this beautiful man feel sorry, but I remembered how much you loved and how it always said to me that God was for you, so I went back to the church again and again When I believe, I think he has a plan and I will see it again one day. "

But Taylor remembers his father still with him

Although Taylor's father's passion is still fresh, he wants to resolve. "But I know you will be with me. I still do not understand how God can take the best man / person / husband / dad / coach," he continued.

And the message was finished with the best message. "I love my father so much, you are hoping for all the changes I am proud of and with myself. It was not easy for us to leave, but with Jenny and Brittany, I learned things in a positive and healthy way. It is difficult today, but we'll get it as always I love my father so much, you are and I will always be my best friend. Until we meet again. "

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