Thursday , January 21 2021

This is my greatest achievement: Virat Kohli

Captain of India won the 2-1 series in his team's history in the Australian territory, his "greatest achievement", today's team will give it a "different personality".

Back in Wankhede, he was the youngest member of the star-studded group, Kohli Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He lifted the world cup, but according to him, the "pile up" will be.

"Shortly afterwards, my best achievement is that we have to be on top of the stack, when we won the World Cup, I was a young player, I saw others emotional, this series would give us a different identity as a group. It's something to be there, "said Kohli at the post-match presentation ceremony.

Sydney was Kohli was anointed as a permanent and highly ephemeral test on the ground that he created an epic chapter of Indian cricket history.

"Our transition started here when the captain became the first time. I said the only word, I'm proud, these players are the honor and privilege, the captain looks good, it's worth the moment to enjoy it," said the elated skipper.

Cheteshwar Pujara, the Indian stand-out actor, was denounced as Jasprit Bumrah. The captain also praised young Mayank Agarwal and Rishabh Pant.

"Do you want to make a special mention for Puja? Certainly, things are ready to prepare for it. It's a delightful man, a special mention by Mayank Agarwal. He plays for Boxing Day and acts as a high-quality attack, somebody like Rishabh, then, "he said.

Colo-attacks have made it all year round and Kohli has got another chance to refuse his efforts.

"As we know the battle points repeatedly, our bowls are deadly, as Bowlers did in terms of these terms, and not just the previous two tours, I did not see it happening with the Indian cricket. Look at it a bit and I think it's not for us. It's an Indian cricket and some other bowlingers are back home. "

"They themselves (pacers) definitely deserve this and here is a powerful West Indian quick record of bowlers (aggregate wickets calendar birthday)," he reminded the boss.

Kohli has won this win despite being a youth group that is considered to be the average age.

"Without a doubt, this is just one step ahead of us, the average age of the group is relatively small, the most important thing for us has been our belief, our intention has always been to make progress in the Indian cricket, SA, and in England, and working in the right direction If you are, God knows the righteous. We want to do better with Indians cricket, which is remarkable, but it's just a stone step.

The boss has rumored to the words of the Australian team.

"Australia is always competitive, each group makes a transition, and their dominance keeps their cigar worlds for many years. I'm sure they will meet in the future and play a cricket that is exciting in the future."

After a tough 19-day cigar test, the boss said he deserves the team.

"Celebrations can be extended overnight. Surely, we do not have any crickets or no alarms at the time. The sets have been remarkable. They never let us feel at home. They came everywhere in every stadium," the patron did not sign . PTI KHS KHS KHS

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