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This map shows all Vancouver venues for cannabis development permits


While Kamloops opened a legalization cannabis law case, in October, he made an illegal illegal outing in cannabis stores in the province.

Of course, Kamloops store B.C. da. Cannabis shop, and so the government. Canadian canary shops require a retail sale of cannabis in the province. Because compulsory clubs do not require a provincial license, they must obtain a municipal license.

"Vancouver operators also call for municipal development authorization and a local business license. Mercy clubs offer services, but do not sell cannabis," says the Vancouver City Council.

Right now, the approved locations in the blue have municipal development permits for cannabis:

cannabis retail store license

City of Vancouver

These locations are not fully authorized retail cannabis stores to obtain a license from the province. Right now, the only store in Vancouver, the sale of cannabis merchandise is open Saturday, December 29, at Kitsilano.

Canadian Commercial Commitment Business License Quota $ 100 South East B.C. Kimberly Community, the Vancouver City Council plans a cannabis retail business fee of $ 33,097 for a business license fee for 2019.

That said, Kamloops City Council announced that the BC government has issued an extension of $ 5,000 to business licensing negotiations, which until now have been legalized by the government-run cannabis store, on 17 October, after Canada's retail cannabis sales were banned after a 95-year ban.

Business files in Vancouver.

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