Monday , June 5 2023

This soldier is exploding in space for six months at the International Space Station


The Navy pilot helicopter and astronaut will enter into a Soyuz rocket Monday, releasing the Navy Space and Missile Defense Command from Kazakhstan and the International Space Station.

Ann McClain and his team will spend six months in the ISS as part of a 250 crew of research projects, said the observations.

"Navy astronauts have an astonishing heritage," McClain said. "I can say that, as in other parts of the Navy, the most important skills to take to the table for leadership and skills, I have learned in an army, small groups that work as a follower and leader with the most daring environments, who are at risk of life-at-risk, I transferred them to NASA in my season, and I think that's the best thing we can take to NASA. "

McClain flew more than 800 battles in Iraq in 2013 when he became an astronaut, according to NASA.

While in the ISS, it will be part of a new experiment called "Tissues on Chips" to replicate functions using small human organ models. Expect to be able to use the organisms in mini-organs in drug trials to predict a person's organ systems.

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