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This traditional type of washer steals the intelligence of the spider – BGR

Wasps are annoying and, sometimes, they are painful for humans, but they are even catching insects. A terrifying new discoveries by insect researchers show that a new Amazon type of wasps has been found, especially spiders to make their tenders.

Research was published Ecological Entomology, describes the kind of life cycle of the species of wasp based on "social" spiders that live in groups. The spider works like a host of parasitic skin and eventually, like a whole meal.

Researchers closely linked the eyebrows to their spiders. First, a female woman directs it to a spider and places it in the arachnid egg. Then when the egg falls, the larva drakes the spider and feeds it. This type of parasite is not strange in insects, but the wasp progresses a bit.

Larva does not leave the spider, after growing to a specific point, but takes the spider's body to perform specific tasks. You need to leave the spider colony and build a web hat. Larba then spiders the spider and builds a new forest inside her house until the full-grown bep begins to cycle again.

"The priest completely flattens his spider's behavior and brain, and he should never do it, such as leaving his nest and the structure is completely different," said Samantha Straus, the author of the research. "That's very small spiders."

The group does not have much explanation as to how the conventional wasp says how the bidding the spider makes, but thinks it is unrelated to the larva that causes spider hormones. It's very strange, and if you're a spider, it's terribly awful.

Image source: Philippe Fernandez-Fournier

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