Wednesday , September 28 2022

This weekend's math: the return of the political theater


They are back in the dark of the newspaper's extortion and the first works of art.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made meetings with Prime Ministers, especially sweet and clear, even though the climate change agenda was agreed in a 2015 first meeting in 2015.

Now, the Confederation is strict.

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Almost every one of them is asking, something is wrong or Mr. Trudeau is messing up, not acting in the province's affairs.

The four provinces receive Trudeau's carbon taxes. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley wants Ottawa to sell millions of dollars at more than 7 thousand cars. She and Saskatchewan's Scott Moe had to deal with the oil sector and harm their economies on their special agenda. Everyone wants money. And Doug Ford of Ontario does not want Trudeau to call the agenda.

Thus, on Thursday morning, the debut was held in Montréal, opening talks to open up afternoon, as well as knowing that Mr Ford's office was on Friday, the Ontario Prime Minister would walk on Friday that Ottawa would not make the most of its elements – for example, provincial provinces asylum seekers They closed the GM plant's end. Mr. Ford did not want to teach the federal minister, he voted for the staff.

Thus, the political theater of the meetings of the first ministers has returned.

When Prime Minister Jean Chrétien was the prime minister, Alberta Ralph Klein was cut early, usually showing frustration. Quebec Québécois magazine in Quebec has always had a cow. Many precautionary measures regularly required Ottawa to place preferences on the agenda.

This prime minister is not used. Stephen Harper did not make meetings with some of the prime ministers, and Mr. Trudeau once again made a thing. Nowadays, he has a premiere room for himself, for various reasons.

Mrs. Notley is usually one of the closest allies to Mr. Trudeau, but this will not be good with the provincial elections that took place in May, because it was not an oil glass and the bitumen bubble as the economic catastrophe of Alberta. Ottawa needs more. Moe and Moe demanded that the oil industry industry picks up their place on the day.

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Mr. Ford, Mr. Moe and President of the New Blaine Higgs Progressive Conservatives in New Brunswick, have joined Trudeau's carbon offense. There were three allies as they arrived.

But the Ontario Premier was trying harder than ever, in a general remembrance of Mr. Trudeau.

It's not an agenda Trudeau is sending a simple signal that does not agree with the preferences of Mr. Trudeau.

First of all, of course, they do not sit down and listen to those who want to talk. Mr. Ford accused the Federal Ministers of talks, the three ministers Bill Morneau, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and Minister of Government Affairs Dominic LeBlanc said. But 10-minute PowerPoint presentations did not dominate the seven meetings hours.

The formal program lasted two hours and 45 minutes on economic issues – although Ottawa called "trade diversification, net growth and economic competitiveness", an agenda was already set up in a round table to raise awareness of what they want.

It does not matter. The formal agenda was not the point. He was gathering public wrestling with Mr. Trudeau over his preferences.

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Mr. Ford was never behind a meeting, even if a boycot had been trying to stagger, Ontario personnel still did so tonight.

Mr. Moe did not fly to Montreal and turned it around for agendas. "I do not think this point matters," he said. He said what his point is. "I have a voice," he said. "I will use it".

Mr Ford is a voice too. But this was not being heard in the closed doors. Mr. Trudeau was seeing publicly. In general, Mr. Trudeau confronts one of the first groups to set the tone.

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