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This year SpaceX Made Us All Think of Reuse Rockets

Initially In 2018, Elon Muskek announced that SpaceX would launch 30. The goal was far away; Among other reasons, some of these flights were planned for Falcon Heavy to avoid flying at that time. In fact, the company did not face this image. However, the only achievement that has been achieved for 21 years has reached 21 years.

The first impulse of 2016 and the construction of eight destinations in 2017 – SpaceX's reusable rocket technology, which emerged from the conceptual conceptual test, became the cornerstone of the flight-proven rocket fleet. Although the company landed the first rockets in 2015, SpaceX reused its first booster until 2017. This year's withdrawal became almost routine, and engineers invited Falcons to moderately reuse the yesterday, in the era of Falcons, called Block 5.

The flagship rocket of the company has made a very good version, since it lifted its position, the communications satellite in Bangladesh. According to SpaceX, changes (enhanced engines, more permanent intensity, titanium wire and a new thermal protection system) allow 5 times more than 5 blocks to fly before the need for renewal and 100 times before retirement. This year, SpaceX landed two of the 14 ducks that tried to land their landing.

After the first flight of May, Musk announced that the next year, SpaceX would retrieve a 5-hour lockout within 24 hours. To this end, the company reaffirmed that the same recovery could be reused three times; It opened a new landing site that would help reduce post-launch processing times.

Another heavyweight lift lift, Falcon Heavy, reached its other finish line. The first lap decided to fly in 2013, Falcon Heavy inaugurated on February 6. Tesla roadster, a red cherry tree (along with a Starman rider) after sending her on a past Mars trip, the three colors of Falcon Heavy, basically her Falcon 9 rocket, came back to the Earth. Boosters have been touched in the perfect synchronization of two LZ-1 and LZ-2 LZ-2, designated in the SpaceX landing area in Cape Canaveral. The Heavy hub booster, however, missed a certain landing location on the drone, and entered the Atlantic Ocean.

That's what Falcon Heavy did in 2018; The next two flights were delayed the following year. You still have to pay a test flight for SpaceX. In a stunning move, the Air Force certified not only military certificates paid by Falcon Heavy, but also the first major aids: the AFSPC-52 mission. It has a value of $ 130 million, which will see SpaceX's launch of the Air Force satellite into space in 2020.

All trading did not go away. SpaceX lost $ 2 million government contract to build hardware for national security charges. The money ended with three competitors, ULA, Blue Origins and Northrop Grumman.

The company also returned some of its goals. During a press conference on the Falcon Heavy, Elon Muskek announced that it was intended to send travelers on the moon at Falcon Heavy. So what happened to people who booked tickets? This response would not be revealed a few months later, Musk announced that Yusaku Maezawak had seats in the Falcon Heavy seats. Now Maezawa was the first customer of the Next Generation rocket of SpaceX: BFR (or Big Falcon Rocket). From the beginning the BPL (consisting of two pieces, which make up a rocket and a space capable of being able to move hundreds of people) might better fit this mission than BEC (Falcon Heavy). Better Governments Governments.

On another tour, Musk would not have been alone with Maezawa; It took ten to half dozen artists on the moon during an epic journey. Although fires and space flights continue to be flying years, Musk considers that the moon's break has taken place as early as 2023.

However, in its first flights, it would come in 2019. Until now, SpaceX Dragon capsules has repeatedly burdened the International Space Station. The NASA Commercial Crew program will launch its astronauts next year, after dropping from the US soil in subsequent years. In 2011, the first Crew Spaceship was launched in November, since it was not a flight test, but the delays (mainly due to ISS traffic) have pushed the plane before January 17. According to the plan, a couple of astronauts will stay for about two weeks at the station in the first semester of the year.

Next year we will also be able to see SpaceX succeeding, also known as the rocket cone. Mr. Steven's boat included the fleets of the company's recovery fleets. Basically, a giant mobile kitten, Mr. Steven is a huge racket that puts on networks. Each forgiveness costs one tenth of the total price of Falcon and historically has been one-time use component. But as part of its re-usability strategy, SpaceX seeks to clay before the ocean. For this, engineers have developed tools to navigate through the Earth, extending a parachute, breaking the ocean, or perhaps soon on the wide network of Mr. Steven.

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