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This year, the big diet does not have any diet


What if it happened, if you do not plan to be a diet this year, is your resolution not dieting?

Angela Yazb was two years ago and never had a healthier or happier life. Yazbak Yoga teacher and Toronto CBC is a former producer following intuitive eating habits, limiting and obsessing food. Instead of selling meals, Yazbak luckily eats three times every day according to their wishes, and as much or as little as they want.

Intuitive eating is not really a plan, nor a diet. Instead, it is a way of approaching the food that is known. In a word, when hungry is eating, when you're eating you stop and eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Radical sounds, right?

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It is not necessarily a new concept, either – because dietitians were promoting as much nutrition in 1995 – but the approach was gradually driven into an environment that encourages the Internet, which also promotes eating disorders. There is no everyday "account" or Keto, and some experts think that thinness, goodness and some food groups (such as beans or dairy products) are mixed together.

But supporters of intuitive nutrition say that people are listening to their bodies, and a kind obsession has led to constant anxiety, no one is enough. This fear, argued a few, is essential for the diet and fitness industry, which generates hundreds of thousands of dollars, the perpetual capitalization or loss of people's weight loss.

Instead, intuitive food wants to take care of flesh and appetite and allows it to enjoy food. Thin people are not morally better and do not eat a street salad, says Alissa Rumsey, a registered New York dietitian, private practice and online training. Our diet and clean-food-obsessed world, these ideas are often associated with skepticism, it is one of the most natural and precious things in the world, if you eat what you want.

Peace is the only way to get peace with your food and your body, even if you do not get a culturally-compliant look, to get intuitive foods, stop food obsessions and enjoy junk food and vegetables.

Online, Rumsey tunes your mind to the well-known health of your body, such as "Do you know healthier than the streets? Good relationship with food" and "Self-control: I have to eat vegetables every day to be healthy and self-sufficiency: Vegetables Nutrition for my bodies what they need "gives me

Most people react with the idea of ​​eating that they want for the first time, and Rumsey says. Eggs will cause banned foods, never eat anything healthy and gain a lot of weight. But in the end, they realize they realize they can eat potato chips and eat healthy foods, they feel they eat fresh vegetables.

Intuitive food Yazbek has given peace with him and his nutritionist. Every year he went everytime he went into his mouth, he tried his daily diet and constantly tried to think he was "the perfect body". "He achieved a lot of social benefits, though he was very costly, despite his time of observation, and spent more time consuming more food than he was eating at that time, enjoying his life, saying:" The stress and panic that I felt at every meal disappeared ".

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Toronto-based dietitian Dara Gellman How to Eat blog was an intuitive food, after selecting her daughter naturally after watching her food, and an intuitive approach was a healthier option for children and adults. People just want to relax in their food, and food is the only food, without moral values. But it is a process that understands and people need psychological help from a nutritionist or intuitive therapist.

Intuitive eating is based on the 10 principles set forth in the book Intuitive food: a revolutionary program that works Dietitian Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch published their latest edition in 2009. These principles are: to refuse diet thinking; respecting your hunger; respecting your integrity and respecting your health.

Tribole was recommending this approach because it was frustrated because weight management and dieting are constantly involved in its field. They say that the restrictive diet fails and promotes disconnection between body and food. "It was frustrating to see people failing for dieting, but you're not a failure, it's a diet that fails."

Science shows that reducing food naturally leads to bingeing – it's not a moral failure of a person. "There is no food morale. If the farmer wants to kill food, you are breaking the moral code." Alternatively, give yourself permission to eat what you want.

Not all experts disagree. "Food is not intuitive, I wanted it," says Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, a medical director of the Ottawa Weight Management Program. He has said that in current nutrition culture there is no real intuitive food.

"The goal of processed food is that people are eating more and more," says Freedhoff. "Intuition is likely to fail in our hyperactive and over-meal foods in our area." Processed food in engineering works more and we want more, and adds that we feel intuition about it.

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Freedhoff takes the most radical part of intuitive eating, the weight of a person is not important, science shows that excess weight negatively affects the quality of health and people increase by 10% and improves their quality of life. It does not matter with people who reduce diets, "I'm equal: if you meet your eating needs and you like what you are living, that's good."

But he said that people should enjoy a healthy life and that's different for different people.

Those who eat intuitive can find weight, especially if they did not eat too much calories or they had a lot of food before they changed their diet. Rumsey says that the first month of intuitive nutrition may have rocky crags, because weight changes, but when they get a natural "setting point" in the adjustment period, they think it could be bigger or smaller.

Thanks to the intuitive food of peace, Yazbek has opened up more and more time with more important things, such as his family, friends and children. In two dimensions, when it is intuitively eaten, the body is backward but still strong and thin. In fact, it is no longer worth the time to plan food, talk about what's on the side of it, or find some snacks that go into a restrictive diet. Today, his body listens to and feeds on his whole life.

"I honestly feel lighter now," he says.

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