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Thor Ragnaro picks up the stars to kick off the Micro International trailer against the shooter


<img src = "×529.jpg" alt = "Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson join forces to avoid Agent H and Agent M from an alien attack Enter Men in Black: International."/>
Increase / Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson join forces as Agent H and Agent M as an alien Men in Black: International.

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If you do not go for a fight with Chris Hemsworth in Thor's and Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie, you can not get it Thor: RagnarokYou love the next trailer Men in Black: International trailer. Commanders fight like other Inner Mongolia beings invading their arms and seemingly beginning to do so. We did not know how much more time Sony could have woke up on this particular franchise, but the trailer was amazingly surprising, for the original movie was a great success for all the items.

First Black man film (1997) was an instant classic and quite cemented as Will Smith's mega star. Smith's chemistry, with the Tommy Lee Jones coast, was a wonderful happiness. Miraculous, thug, Men in Black II (2002), it was very good, and the Hollywood franchise was born, last time they joined Smith and Jones Men in Black 3 In 2012

Thompson took Thompson's honorable role as Hemsworth at that time, but tried to find the MIB himself, except to hire him. In some ways, he finds the headquarters of the world's most secretive institutions, which means Ubera Wearing Emma Thompson, she works pretty well.

Agent M (I think it will always be the "Agent T") first assignment: problems are being developed throughout the pond and will be combined with the London International MiB Unit with the International MiB Unit in London. They move into local nightclubs when they do not create human race problems. Agent H (Hemsworth) has been in charge of working best with Liam Neeson. He currently worked on napping and Taco on Tuesday in Smith's first films at Smith's wise-cracking agent cafes. When the chip goes down, however, it shows its actual MiB chops.

Everything looks like fun with plummy accents. This long-running franchise deserves.

Men in Black: International summer hits next summer

Sony Men in Black: International trailer.

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