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Thousands of stars become crystals – ScienceDaily


The Warwick University astronomers have found the first evidence against white dwarfs that crystallize and solidify the sky.

Notes have revealed the deadly star like our Sun, called white dwarfs, which are the core of oxygen and solid carbon, due to the transition in the phase, depending on the ice cycle that becomes ice, but at a higher temperature. Thousands of millions of years could be considered before.

The discovery, directed by Dr. Emmanuel Tremblay, is part of the Warwick Physics Department, which has been published in Nature, largely based on observations taken from the European Space Agency theme.

White dwarfs are some of the oldest objects in the universe. They are very useful for astronomers, they can use outlook for life as a cosmic watch to calculate the exact age of close-up groups. The remaining colors of the red giants are after killing these big stars and covering the outer layers and constantly growing the heat that they carry over the years and years.

The astronomers selected about 15,000 gauntletons on Lightweight lightweight 300 light-emitted satellites and analyzed the brightness and color of the stars.

They identified a pile up, with a certain amount of color and clarity, depending on the excess mass of the star. Compared to the evolutionary models of stars, congestion is violently captured during the development phase, and the heat released in large quantities is anticipated due to the slowdown in the cooling process. In some cases, these stars have slowed aging by more than 2,000 million years old or reduced our galaxy age by 15%.

Dr Tremblay said: "This is the first direct evidence that white dwarfs are crystallized or that the liquid and solid transition was announced fifty years ago in a certain number of white dwarfs, in light of certain colors and crystallization, and now only seen.

"All white dwarfs will be crystallized at a moment of their evolution, although massive white dwarfs are being processed in the process beforehand, which means that our white millions of white and white galaxies have ended up being crystalline spheres in the sky, which will turn into a dwarf white crystallizer of about 10 million years ago" .

The crystallization process of a material is a good state, the atoms make up an ordered structure. At the Nuclear Nano Pressure Ends, atoms are packed with high density, because their electrons are not linked, leaving quantum physics electrically conductive gas and positively charged nuclei in fluid form. When the core is cooling about 10 million degrees, it releases enough energy to consolidate the fluid and form a carbon-carbon metal that is maintained in the carbon.

Dr. Tremblay adds: "We not only have a solid proof of solidity that releases heat, but we need more energy to explain observations. We think that, for the sake of oxygen crystallization, we think it is emptied from the nucleus, sedimentation in a river bed on the ground. , and this separation will release gravitational energy.

"We have emphasized a great step forward for more detailed ages for fresh white dwarfs and, therefore, for the old stars of Milky Way. The subject matter of watching this is a large part of the credit for this discovery, subject to the observations of the subject, we understood the interior of the white dwarfs, we never expected. We had 200 white dwarfs with distances and precise shadows, and now we have 200,000. This is an experiment for ultraviolet material, which can not be done in any of the laboratories of the Earth. "

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