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Thousands of stars, including our sun, the space to become crystals

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A clear blue sphere with a dark blue center.

The concept of an evolved star of the artist – a white dwarf – in the process of solidifying the crystals. Warwick University Image / Mark Garlick.

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Warwick University astronomers say that this week they are the first white stars with the first direct evidence – they are stars in their advanced phase of evolution – they ultimately become crystals. The idea has been around for decades, but this time it is backed by new observations. The astronomers who made this study say that our crystals must be filled with white dwarfs. They also said: after swallowing a giant red and swallowing the earth, our sun has to become a white dwarf glass billions of years ago.

The new research led by Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay was published on January 9, 2019 in the peer-reviewed magazine Nature

The current home galaxy model, the Milky Way, suggests our single galaxy with less than 10 mm white dwarves. The tombs of a long star are hot and compact, essentially star stars, after a star exhausts its fuel supply and spreads gas and dust into space.

These exotic objects mark the evolution of most of the universe's stars in the final stage, including our sun.

According to the new research, the oldest white dwarfs, although Milky Way is the same galaxy, are almost entirely crystals.

Astronomers have named 15,000 more dwarf waxes over more than 300 light years of Earth, from the European Space Agency's satellite-based observations. Gaia's data analyzed light rays and colors. According to the study, white dwarfs have the core of oxygen and solid carbon. This means that the astronomers, when they transition into a transitional phase, transform into an ice in the transition phase, but the temperature is much higher.

The works showed that these dwarfs were probably older than they thought. The expression of astronomers was explained:

They identified a pile up, with a certain amount of color and clarity, depending on the excess mass of the star. Compared to the evolutionary models of stars, congestion is violently captured during the development phase, and the heat released in large quantities is anticipated due to the slowdown in the cooling process. In some cases, these stars have slowed aging by more than 2,000 million years old or reduced our galaxy age by 15%.

Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay said:

This is the first direct proof that white dwarfs are crystallized or that the liquid or solid is a transition. The planned 50 years ago, the crystallization had to start to accumulate the number of white dwarves of certain light and color, and this has only been seen.

All white dwarfs will be crystallized at a moment of their evolution, although massive white dwarfs pass the process. This means that our white and white millions of galaxies have finished and the sky is basically crystal spheres.

The sun will turn it into a dwarf white crystal of about 10 million years.

Bottom: Astronomers have the first direct proof – from the ESA matter satellite – white dwarfs form crystal colors.

Source: Core crystallization and stack-up white dwarf evolves in the cooling sequence

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