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Thrones spoilers of 8 season games: Jon Snow's end is revealed | TV and radio | Showbiz and TV


The seventh game of Thrones is fast approaching and fans want to know how to end the season.

One of the major theories is to kill everyone, and Thrones-esc would be a great way to finish the show.

The fans are Jonathan (who plays Kit Harington) to find out about the things that will happen to him and the general consensus will end on the iron throne.

However, Harington recently published himself, which suggests that the character will not return sooner.

He got a haircut, and it was not surprising since the show began with long locks considering sports.

However, Jon Snow will not be a comedian at the Game of Thrones in the Spin-off series.

However, maybe, Harington's haircut also suggests Jon will not survive until the end of the series?

One of the enthusiasts was one of the great creators of the show who were struggling to die in a huge sequence.

Peter Dinklage said that this news of the contemporary battle was embarrassed by Bastard's battle.

"Bastards Battle is like a park," said Entertainment Weekly

The wrestling sequence ended in Toome, and it was the location used by Winterfell.

Many people think that the battle scene makes Westers the White King's White Walkers.

This sequence will take place in a passage directed by Miguel Sapochnik, under the leadership of the Battle of Bastards, to find out what is expected of this brutal battle that will happen so quickly.

"A part of our challenge, and really, Miguel's challenge, how credible it is," says David Benioff.

Meanwhile, other fans will knock Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) last season.

Leotaku8 wrote in Reddit: "I have noticed two parallels to get an interesting dynamic between them. I'm still sure to name them a bit."

"Two broken polls are good (Jon is breaking his film cellar, as Jaime Kingslayer).

"Both proposed a single battle to end the war (Jon, Ramsay, Jaime Robb).

"Both are or have been involved in incestuous relationships.

"Especially the last point. Jon's knowing about his landlord's heritage would soon know what advice Jaim would have on the matter," the user concluded.

The Thrones returns for the spring of 2019 for the spring of 2013, and will be premiered one year later in 2020.

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