Tuesday , January 18 2022

Tim Cook promotes the future of Apple in new services and health technologies


Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered a lecture.
Increase / Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks in Brussels at the International Conference on Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (ICDPPC).

In the interview with CNC Jim Cramer, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced what we expect from iPhone authors to see in the short and long term in the future. Thus, Cook has confirmed that Apple will launch new services in 2019, although the CEO did not give details.

Apple's service company, currently with Apple Music, iTunes, App Store and other organizations, brings a lot of money to the company. In the last quarter, the service business earned $ 10 million in revenue, and Apple does not slow down.

"We have built a service company, you know, more than 7 million dollars in 2010," said Cook in the CNBC interview. "In the year of the calendar, more than $ 41 million … We have said, you know, we will double the number 2016 until 2020".

Cook did not mention it, but it is likely that Apple will announce that its television streaming service is waiting too long in the last year of 2019. Last year, the company promised $ 1 million for the production and acquisition of original content for streaming service. Some of these money went to the front and back of the camera, with Damien Chazelle (director) The Land), A24 studio (including film production companies included) Moonlight and Lady Bird), and Oprah Winfrey.

It's not clear how Apple will distribute its broadcast service at the moment. Some speculate that it will be free for owners of Apple devices, others suggest, Apple will provide services on all platforms.

Yes to wear, no Qualcomm

But Cook could not give advice on other services. He focused on healthcare in the interview, and in terms of health, Apple remembers it in the long run.

"In my health, in particular, and according to your type of well-being, I believe that if it breaks down into the future and you look back and ask" What was the greatest contribution to Apple society? & # 39; It will be about health, "said Cook." Our business has always been the enrichment of people's lives. "

Apple's first step in health was in-depth in Apple Watch release in 2015. The latest Apple Watch Series brings 4 portable devices for other types of healthcare providers to access electrodes for controlling the signal of head fibrillation. It's hard to be able to make the next iterations for Apple Watch, but it's safe to keep adding Apple (hardware and software) to a healthier device.

Cook also secured the power of Apple's clothing: Apple Watch and Apple's AirPod revenue have exceeded iPod revenue when the music player is "peak".

"From now on, we have already passed – revenue for the riders is more than 50 percent already at the iPod peak," said Cook.

Cook took a close look at what was being asked about Qualcomm and the legal problem Apple had when it was too late. Cook said the two companies did not activate talks about settlements, and what Apple did, considering that Qualcomm had illegal handling of licensing and patentee policies.

"The problem with Qualcomm is the lack of licensed policies, no chips, which we believe is illegal," said Cook. "And many regulators agree that in many countries, they have a duty to offer their patents portfolio with a reasonable, reasonable and non-distinctive nature, and they do not do that. Prices are exorbitant, with a number of tactics that they use."

Apple and Qualcomm have been curious. Recently, Apple had to extract 7 and 8 iPhone 7 models as a result of Qualcomm's trial. Stateside, Federal Trade Commission rated Qualcomm as licensing its patented mobile chips. This test begins on Friday, the trial against Qualcomm means that Apple will be a great winner. Still still against chimpanzees.

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