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Tips and tricks for IPhone Siri

If you have an IPhon, you probably know what Sirik can do. But the Siri shortcut loads the third-party applications you control with your voice. You do not even touch your iPhone in most cases.

Siri allows you to start surfing with Waze to work, such as Apple Maps, for example, or ask your HomePod at Pandora Station (yes, you can do it!). They can also ask Siri for a selfie, that is, if you're trying to get in a lot of people in a picture and your iPhone over the room.

I have set up Siri Shortcuts in front of well-known applications that I use on my iPhone.

A warning word: Siri always learns, so the shortcuts recommended are mostly based on or not. So, if you have never used the CNBC application or Pandora, you might not have to wait for some of my recommended shortcuts. It helps you to play in an application first knowing how to use Siri.

You can run these live apps at any time, with Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad, via HomePod or through Apple CarPlay.

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