Wednesday , July 6 2022

Tito Ortizek vs. Do we want to get Chuck Liddell 3?


From the distance, Chuck Liddell was the elder, who walked on Saturday night.

She had the same hairstyle, the same goat. He had some malicious versions of the same intensity. He had the same shorts, blue and white, and nowadays he seems to be redirecting from nowhere.

And, perhaps, that was the first thing that we needed to be for our problems. He still did not check that the URL still worked. He just caught an old short-cut and went there, and Tito Ortiz again won. Why not? Well, you know, the inevitable disasters of age.

Keep in mind that the human body is a slow train or at the time it is an enemy of beauty, Golden Boy MMA was the main event in Inglewood (California).

Step up, friend Pay your $ 39.99 pay-per-view, or if you're looking for an internet clip, and immediately feel yourself in the bad part of everyone.

Liddell was not a mistake. Eight years ago, especially in an unwanted fashion, UFC President Dana White decided that Liddell would earn more money than he ever had ever won. This agreement was very good, especially considering reduced options, so he took Liddell. Then the UFC sold it and the sauce was swallowed by trains, and Liddell squeezed it in an old world, where its old friends were once again newer.

How did it go away How can an old man deal with his enemies? After all, Ortiz's two fights did not touch him. There was no one yet to get any money, is not that guy?

But no, no more. It was not in 2018 anymore. Ortiz did not improve so much (although Ortiz is selling the truth version), but Liddell was worse. Much worse.

It makes sense At the age of 48, he was eight years old for his last fight, and showed signs of declining seniors. When Ortiz confused the cage on Saturday night, he became clear that his tools were only astonished at months, than we had seen more than once.

That's sad. Within half a minute, all the buildings saw that there was nothing left for Liddell Ortiz. It is not at this time. The real pantomims of his punches were slow. His effort seemed wholeheartedly. Ortiz could not smile from those exchanges. It would be easier than I thought.

The best thing you can say about fighting is wonderful. Liddell was not going to be much worse off than looking for a bigger string. Ortiz held his right hand on his face in the midst of the dead, though the reaction to Liddell's blow was delayed, because he had taken a second of his brain, they told him that they were all here.

Ortiz, probably felt like revelation. In his career, he placed a single KO standing up against the man who tormented him when he was young and beautiful. Does that mean that the fighter is better? It's not really. It means that the fighter is better right now, reduced to a cruel march time.

As far as the rest are concerned, we achieved the deserved one. It's not a good fight. It's not very good. I am reminded that some things have never been, and you and them and everyone you know. Somehow, this lesson is spent at $ 40.

From there, maybe Ortiz laughed at last. Please, for God's love, leave the last.

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