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Tkachuk shows the dexterity of the elderly on the screen as Flames hardens

UNIONDALE, NY – The same team. The same result

Also, it was very similar when it was a bad time at the end of the game, when Mike Smithe flames the season when he suffered the same injury suffered last year. Alas, Flames goalkeeper goalkeeper over 3-1 win over Iceland, "agrees."

How cool was Matthew Tkachuk got a point at 14 points.

With Elias Lindholm standing by his clothes in a stunning place, Tkacha leaned back, sticking his stick and sack between his legs and flapping Robin Lehner's puck.

A new goal was not anyone who tried it for 15 or 20 years, but YouTube's best-practice practices these days.

Trust me – you'll see a lot online and on TV.

"It was an instinctive leap," Tkachi smiled at Flames for the second time in 1-0. "I thought (Lehner) just like most of the goalkeepers like poke-check and turn on the stick, so I just had to get his stick around quickly trying.

"When I was younger, when I was in a junior or a youth's hockey or something like that, I did a lot, but I did not practice much at the NHL level."

Do you think he has looked down now?

"I do not know – it would be the only way to cancel," added Tkachuk.

There is no compulsory apology, a creative and gritty player that can be the most dangerous weapon in the network.

"He probably learned from his brother or something," Rasmus Andersson laughed, when an insurer finished his evening.

"I like it, I do not give any evidence at all," said coach Bill Peters, saying he was in agreement with the great Tkachuk glasses. "Goals against I frown. The goals are open. Guys are skilled, boys are creative and we will not stifle that."

The explosion of Andersson was a 22 year-old firefighting director, almost Flames talked about trading before the Monday exchange.

Flames GM Brad Treliving decided that he did not want to ignore one of the major wagering players, and he won the best player he won in Calgary.

Keep in mind that the adjustment of new guys was not, nor was there a process of feeling, flying or learning foreign consoles. The same group of generations to enter the trading period has made six to extend the west to five points.

Oh, I'm sure, an informant of Oscar Fantenberg with morning skateboard, along with his mayor. But after skating with the club, he took a seat in the press. It's something you can use, get a 27-year-old Swedish period as a thoroughly deep and deep advocate.

When Smithe made a clinic for the second time, he saved his fifth straight-line and second-level scorer in his 26th. Although under the siege that punishes two busy people, despite the fact that the frame dies, the glove has been widespread in a bounce and in just a few minutes it was a good game.

It was also also that they were more expensive, the hot network netminder ice tends for several seconds gingerly before its feet.

He was missing fifty seconds off against Islas against the victory of Brooklyn last year, missing a month and hoping for the Flames playoffs.

"I'll be fine," he said, slowing down the drama.

"We are aiming to win legends games, but we're doing it right. We played well in defense, and that's why we were rewarded."

There are three straight games, because the Flames have only one goal. More than once, more than two have been given. The team has had a positive development during the defensive playoffs.

Fifteen minutes before, it was the third final victory of the group, a 1-1 match against the Nassau Coliseum raucous team, to win the win, with Mikael Backlund and Andersson winning two minutes.

However, he talked about the misfortune of Tkachuk. Are there any reviews of her friends?

"Not too much – play again," he began to crawl.

"Smitty stole the night, let's say."

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