Wednesday , January 26 2022

To celebrate the commemoration of Burlington on Sunday, Beard Guy & # 39; Mike Taylor Walk


Walking on the ground "good friend and brother" Mike "Beard Guy" plans to celebrate Taylo's life.

Taylor was the keynote speaker and singer in the Burlingan-based indie pop group. "Natural pollution" died on December 29, according to the statement from the band.

"Mike had a love of life and did not agree, and the will to go beyond that path," he says. "Our deep heart has two children, who loves more than anyone else in the world."

The free event will take place on January 13 from 4:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. At Civic Square, 426 public space in front of the Brant Street Town Hall.

The outer flags of Buidling fell in the middle of Taylor's honor after the death.

Bring candle and warm dress

The Burlington mayor, Marianne Meed Ward, also published a statement when the group returned home to show support and love for the city.

"It has left us a rich musical heritage," he wrote. "Thanks Mike your contribution to music here and around the world. We will really miss you."

A shared poster from the Twitter band also features acoustic performances by Bare Naked Ladies, Scott Helman, USS and Monster Truck.

Participants can offer a bundle and bring a candle.

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