Sunday , August 14 2022

To check Russia & # 39; U.S. Moon landing on the next mission – National


MOSCOW: Head of the Roscosmos space in Russia said the proposed Russian missions will come to the moon to verify that landings in the American land are true.

Official Calls for Russian U.S. to conduct moon landing studies

"We've set this goal to fly or check, or not," said Dmitry Rogozin on Saturday on Twitter.

Rogozin responded to the question whether NASA had been dying 50 years ago. He seemed to joke while he was responding while he was shrinking. But NASA's lunar missions are commonplace in Russia.

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The Soviet Union abandoned its lunar program in the mid-1970s after exploding the four moon-rocket rockets.

In 2015, a former spokeswoman for the Russian Research Commission called for a study on lunar landings at NASA.

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