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"To do this, wow," says a police officer filmed by a colleague about the official in Niagara


Rumors and emotions are rising after a policeman shot Pelham, several times in a rural junction in Ontario, according to the mayor of the town.

"There are many questions, but there are many emotions behind these questions," said Dave Augustine. "I hope that you can achieve this at the bottom and figure it out and cure it, which will have effects."

Especially in rural Pelham is in the southwest.

The Ontario Special Investigation Unit (SIU), on Friday, gave more details, shot a single officer and fired many weapons.

Shooters and victims were investigating collisions that took place a few days before official teams like Roland Road and Effingham Street.

"One officer has freed his brother for several times, and the other officer has hit him," SIU said. "The official arrived in a stable state that led officers to a hospital".

What would happen to serve and protect oneself.– Dave Augustyn, Mayor of Pelham

The release did not indicate how many times the victim was hit.

According to SIU, the identity of the officers will not be nominated according to their policies while they are under investigation. The Niagara police say the injured officer has a 28-year experience and is assigned to a uniform Hathaway and Pelham uniforms.

Researchers work at the junction between Roland Road and Effingham Street in Pelham. (Samantha Craggs / CBC)

There are 12 witnesses that have happened, including the one launched by the SIU.

The identity of the officers will not be identified according to their policies while they are under investigation. He has not sworn the relationship between two films or specific details.

"Notify what happened and the relationship between the officers is part of the SIU investigation," said the spokeswoman Monica Hudon on Thursday.

Both Union officials are supported

Augustine said that there was some rumor that happened.

"Our community is not the case with these kinds of things". "The community is really asking about what is happening and it will take people who need to activate themselves and protect themselves."

The Niagara Regional Police Association, on the other hand, has heard the police throughout the country, said Cliff Priest. The Association helps the two officers and their families.

"When they hear the traumatic events that cause the police, it's traumatic," he said. "This is our family. When one of our family hurt, we hurt."

No arrest was made

This help, he said, is advising, transporting or listening.

Chief Bryan MacCulloch, Chief of Police at the Niagara Regional Police, has said the Provincial Police in Ontario have been outlawed in the SIU area but has not been arrested in the shootings.

"The days and weeks ahead of the NRPS families and the communities we serve will try," he said. "Request for support from members and all those involved".

Kevin Bryan, York Police Detective and Police Officer at the University of Seneca, said the conflict between officers is not unusual unless he has ever seen this week.

A police officer fired while another duty and daylight is broad, just shocking, he said.

& # 39; To do this, wow & # 39;

"I have seen faith among the spouses of officers and officers, a relationship with another officer," Bryan said.

Some eligible parties will be like that.– Kevin Bryan, police officer

"I know somebody's insights on the face and things like this, as well as infidelity or perceptual infidelity. But I've never seen places where I go to maps, even in obligations.

"I see an officer grabbed another official shirt with the collar and the locker is pushed by an officer who does not have another … but for that, wow."

And as much as the shotgun impacts on the community, it will also have a stream of service.

"When choosing the parties, these things will be like that," Bryan said

"There are guys who thought they were lucky enough to be boys and they would not hate boys. [shooter]. "

Bryan has undoubtedly said that the rise of the NRPS is currently exploring the current status of the agreement between the two officers.

Bryan has said that while the situation is not very common, police unions have managed to handle situations that support civil servants in conflict.

"That can happen. It's absurd, but they only got their lawyers."

Michael Kempa, in the department of Criminology at the Ottawa University, said CBC News, in which case, officials would not be charged until the investigation was completed, which is, in general, how it would go. public member

"I think the public would be amazed to know that for a common cop, the default would not start with a charge, because it would probably have supposed that the fire discharge was reasonable, and then we will investigate and if something is wrong, then we will place a charge … for the public, another in a way, "said Kemp.

But a civilian said, "We have said that, since the firearm was discharged, it would probably not be reasonable, we will load it, and then we will have enough confidence to convince."

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