Thursday , September 23 2021

To open the first primary care center in Vancouver on Monday

British Columbia Health Minister inaugurated the fifth urgent primary care center in the province to reduce the emergency department's request.

Adrian Dixek's inauguration in downtown Vancouver on Wednesday will provide treatment for nights and weekends so it can not survive.

The centers are part of the primary care reform plan, including "group-based" approaches, including nurses and pharmacists, including doctors and other healthcare providers.

750,000 people in this country do not have family physicians and often have hospital emergency rooms. Dixek said Sunday that it is in the middle.

"There are currently 20,000 people in the center of the city without a doctor," said one of the three outlets that go to emergency departments in both hospital and hospital care facilities.

"Our intention is that we decide to have a new center of urgent attention for the next health center in the next two years," said Dixek.

Pharmacy, a basic laboratory

The province intends to open 10 centers.

In the new year, Vancouver facilities are expected to have access to four family physicians in the same building.

"In addition, basic laboratory services and X-rays will be located in the center and the pharmacy will be erected in the building," said Dixek.

Patients with moderate and moderate mental and mental health issues will be included on the same day of community support, "he said.

Dr Eric Cadesky, MD's Doctors, said that the best health systems in the world, among other things, have access to primary health care.

"This urgent emergency center is hopeful to meet two of the greatest needs of our community: we must pay special attention to supporting the long-term and long-term business relationship with traditional business and family members," said Cadesky.

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