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Todd Bowles' Jets & # 39; failure will not lose in its field

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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Jets did not select Todd Bowles. Discipline problems were lost too, for the last four years there was only a general loss of hope.

But no second opinion that this last mess of Jets was only bowles creation. As a coach of Jets, his attitude to the patient's truth is that he never had many opportunities.

As soon as he is lost, Bowles is the legacy of the era, and when he left on Sunday he left the official work that took place from 2015. With a huge record of 24-40, and with the last coach as a senior with more than three seasons, without the playoffs.

He was nearby, of course. Jets surprised his rookie during the season, breaking record 10-5 from the band Ryan Fitzpatrick He was quartered and postseason edge after 26-20 extra hours after the Patriots won 16 weeks. All they had to do was to win Buffalo in the final game of the season.

And from there he began to do everything wrong.

Think about what happened at the time within thirty-five days of Fitzpatrick's thirty-five day period, when Jets made the playoffs 22-17 in profit. At that moment directly, the aging of the Jets was expensive, and the sharks were unknown to the franchise. His 10-6 season was a miracle.

Then, it was wise to begin to blow up everything, to start the spacing between the new tandem Mike Bowles and Mike Maccagnan and start from their empty program. Instead, Jets could make an idea that they could tighten their racing races to their list. Fitzpatrick also waited for the training session on the eve, when he was taken by the same race.

And the result was planned. Fitzpatrick, after an unexpected career, turned into a pumpkin. And when he lost he stopped the locker room. The player took them one side Brandon MarshallSheldon Richardson Many players later admitted that the team was dysfunctional. Bowles never got control.

Of course, it's on Bowles's record. As every player emphasizes, it is more disciplined than it seemed, the control of its players does not have one of its biggest failures. But a good mix of players was given, because it showed real colors. In Jets' credit, during the next two seasons the house was cleared, but it was still wasting 2016.

Then Jets spilled everything. But then, Bowles joined on January 3, and there was no doubtful quarterback and talent. Maccagnan clearly hoped it was the second lap, which Christian Hackenberg turned into a quarterback but was missing two years. And Maccagnan has forsaken the Bowles workout for two consecutive years due to the downtime of the day.

Bowles was just in a state of no profit. And this was true again when he was nominated for a 21 year-old rookie this season Sam Darnold Initial hatter for the start date. Starting a rookie quarterback is never an immediate success recipe. Bowles knew he had to offer him this season, and maybe his career – a bigger one.

In recent weeks, Jets has shown a better future prediction. The world has seen what Darnold thinks is as good as everyone can. But with Bowles too late, whose fate was sealed in the 11th Section, his team was not a virtual show, due to being out of date with 41-10 loss of home Matt Barkley and bills.

The coaches will not be able to pass the three straight season of the two-digit season, and Bowles knows this. But how many buses could have had a better job in that situation? At that time, Jets focused on a plan and decided to build the future, today's coach was too late.

The coach Bowles failed to make sure. But he had the chance to rebuild Jets earlier, Maccagnan improved opportunities in the free and draft agency. The player seems like bowls. They finally played hard at last.

They were not enough. And while it's on Bowles's drive, it's not a mistake. All of us helped build this group and could not fix a plan.

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