Wednesday , September 28 2022

Tom Billington, the former Stampede Wrestling Superstar, dies


The former former Tom Billington fighter – renowned for fans like Dynamite Kid, and the Stampede Wrestling in Canada – died Wednesday in England, on the 60th anniversary.

It was known in the middle of the British Bullldogs label, in his real life Davey Boy Smith and his pet, together with a bulldog named Matilda.

Smith's son, Harry, who now relates to Davey Boy Smith Jr, is inspired by Billington.

"I was really happy and happy to see Dynamite last seen last June at U.K.," he tweeted. "Dynamite was somehow my inspiration for many …"

The news of Billington's death was shared on social networks, offering condolences of today's and ancient stars.

"All 200-year-old fighters in emergencies are likely to be in debt to Dinamite Kid," said Lance Storm.

"He inspired dresses and had the help of changing the sport, the circuit was incredible, the only shirt I bought was the British Bulldogs T-shirt, I wore WrestleMania IV #RIP."

Born in England, Billington debuted in 1975.

Five walking eight and finally weighing 228 pounds, Billington was somewhat small for a prowrestler, but many fans were happy to use a senior technician.

In 1978 he arrived in Calgary with Stampede Wrestling, along with Hart's family.

From then on, he joined the WWF World Wrestling Federation (WWF), now known as WWE World Wrestling Entertainment, the company bought Stampede Wrestling in 1984.

Billington won the gym tag team champion twice in Stampede Wrestling and WWF once.

He retired in the 1996 battle.

The years of fighting battling broke out in Billington, where he suffered many serious injuries, especially on his back, and left his left leg for about a year after his retirement. He eventually confined himself to a wheelchair and he needed attention.

He also suffered a stroke in 2013.

Billington's death was not public.

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