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Toronto man strangled wife in front of toddler and left to die to jail sent

Liam Casey, The Canadian Press

Published on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 12:45 PM EST

TORONTO – Toronto, a man trying to kill his wife before an eldest son, has been sentenced to nine years in jail by a judge, saying he was still alive.

Angel Payan-Almendarez, at the age of 25, said he was not afraid of his wife, covering himself with packed tape and killing him on December 8, 2015. But women and her children could not forget What happened, the court heard it.

"The young child is constantly worried about her mother, she was worried about her father's eyes," said judge John McMahon in a ruling this week. "Today, he is still afraid of the accused. They see once again what they have done the nightmare."

The trial lasted 15 minutes, the court heard, because Payan-Almendarez did not appeal the case of the prosecution. The judge said he was very close to killing the victims.

"It's hard not to design, the victim is still alive and the accused will not be charged with murder," said McMahon.

The evidence of the court proceedings was acknowledged as proof that judges were guilty of Payan-Almendarez, a probationary murder, unlawful prison, and unrestricted access.

The court heard that men and their wives were separated on Friday, in the north of Toronto, in an apartment, at 7 o'clock, to get out of the car seat. The couple decided that Payan-Almendarez would leave the car seat away from home.

He thanked the texts he gave him, and he did not listen to him repeatedly, the court heard it. He then left a message asking him to force the door and talk, and asked him to listen.

The woman was appointed fellow at Jehovah's Royal Hall of Representatives, and then contacted a woman who was nearby. Christine Rieck's friend's door reached 9, and he noticed a shadow behind a doorway. He went into the house and prepared the son of his friend, he heard it in the court.

At that moment, Rieck wrote a text to her husband to get home. He, his friends and toddlers left the apartment that opened the door, at 10:00 p.m., when Payan-Almendarez entered the door and locked the door.

Rieck quickly sent this text to her husband, until Payan-Almendarez pulled her hand and knocked it down.

"I changed," when Payan-Almendarez told his wife his son began to cry, according to the statements of the events.

Payan-Almendarez forced Rieck on the balcony of the apartment.

Then he put his wife into the bedroom and threw it in bed, jumped over it and started touching her court. His son, who was watching, started crying again.

The court heard that the boy did not want to scare his children, he did not fight but he lost consciousness.

Payan-Almendarez buried his son on the balcony and covered it with Rieck.

The wife opened her eyes to the room and returned to the room. Payan-Almendái rose again in her arms, thrown in her throat, heard in court and lost consciousness again.

Payan-Almendarez gathered the head of the woman when she covered the plastic packing tape, nose and mouth.

Then he covered his body with a blanket and placed a baby's bed on it before leaving it on the floor, with the keys and the mobile phone with him, the court heard it.

His son and Rieck were locked in the balcony, until Rieck's husband and wife had built the superintendent to release the couple. When they left home, the superintendents thought they were dressed in a purple object at bed, when they went, it was handed to wife Payan-Almendarez.

"(His) squeeze the packing tape that was full of the face," he said. "It was unknown at that time, they thought it was dead."

The woman regained consciousness after cutting the hole in her mouth stitched the ribbon. Afterwards, he was taken to the hospital to treat wounds, cuts, dizziness and pain in the chest, back, throat and mouth.

Payan-Almendarez will delay almost five years for the time left behind in the bars.

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