Thursday , June 8 2023

Toronto record companies prepare for Black Friday


For music lovers it may be the most beautiful time of the year.

Thousands of craftsmanship to electronics and clothing stores, as well as confronting them, while many others are happening, they link one of the craziest days of the day.

Record shop Day: The Black Friday edition.

"People are excited about achieving excitement," said Stephen Yorke, owner of Dead Dog Records at CityNews. "The line, the only energy, is a fantastic thing."

Vinyl lovers can get lines in front of the shops a few hours before hands get their hands on exclusive music versions.

"Keith Richard's" 12 "most sought after request is the 40th anniversary of" Run Rudolph Run "."

Dine Alone Records will record the Toronto based record label for exclusive material for many local artists.

"We have exclusive notices available at our store," said Lisa Longutenkow vice president. "One of the most notable is the" Guide Me Back Home "record of City And Color's live album, black and white vinyl. We're releasing this Friday 100 and it's only in our store."

Here it is listed in the Record Store Day Black Friday lists:

Dirty Nil: You're right & # 39; – 8 track
Attack Black: & # 39; Got Live & # 39; – yellow 12 "
Alexisonfire: Watch Out & # 39; – pink 12 "
Keith Richards: "Run Rudolph Run – Red 12"
The Byrds – "The Rodeo de la sorpresa" edition of the 50th anniversary legacy – 12 "
Madonna – "Light Radius – Clean Up 12"
Iggy & The Stooges – "Rare Power" 12 "

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