Monday , May 29 2023

Toronto Superintendent of Police named Ron Taverner, new commissioner of OPP


Ronald (Ron), Taverner, was nominated as a Police Officer of the Ontario Province, the Minister of Security and Service Law Service Sylvia Jones announced on Thursday.

Taverner, now a superintendent at the Toronto Police, will accept his post on December 17 and use it within three years, said Jones.

He will replace Vince Hawkes after serving four years of retirement this month.

"I'm very glad to nominate Ron Taverner of the OPP Commissioner," said Jones. "It is a constructive relationship, and I am sure that they will have a positive impact on the Ontario police".

Jones has said that Taverner now has a Commercial Unit of 12, 23, and 31 Divisions, with the Toronto Police Service, appointed by the Cabinet, a member of Ontario Public Services and a recommendation by the Odgers-sponsored selection committee. Berndtson, an executive with a search executive.

"Over 50 years of experience, Ron is receiving support from line officers, community leaders and practitioners of our respected practitioners," Jones said.

"Let life be our life to make our community a safer place to live".

The leader of the Toronto Police, Mark Saunders, in response to the appointment, said that Taverner is an enormous asset for Ontario residents.

"I can not believe that the job is a leader and more dedicated. It has been a strong advocate of community and our city. The loss of OPP is the loss of Toronto," Saunders said.

Meanwhile, Rob Jamieson, president of the Province's Province Police in Ontario, hopes to cooperate with his Taverner syndicate, "someone who demonstrates someone with proven negligence."

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