Touré Neblett was among the many voices to talk about Lifetime R. Kelly alive The documentary is why a woman has called her because she has participated in inappropriate women's behavior.

Instagram user @Danimakeup has commented on the video below when he talks about the dire behavior of Touré Kelly.

"On Monday, I worked together in a show in 2017, and I could not stop talking, as if I looked naked, if it was a weekend, what would it be, I would face my face," he wrote. "I took the band while I was ready with me … and when I left I called HR … He immediately shot."

After the review, Touré came to the DM woman to share an apology she shared with the story owner. Since Touré has published a statement about Essence:

"At the time of the show, our team, including myself, edgy, crass banter, I thought it was not our tightly offensive group. I feel my language and I feel uneasy because I'm leading the show, I have had to bypass this behavior. I have learned and I grew up. "