Saturday , January 29 2022

Township, NGO, in honor of anti-tobacco advocates


"We will conduct a project survey at the end of the Smoke-free Kyauktadun Township project, and then we will try to do their best in areas that are not respected by the environment," said Dr Thein Swe, vice president. PHF said.

The Smoke-free Kyauktada municipal project began in September to create smoke-free tobacco smoke environments to compromise smoking. It will end in June this year. Yangon City Development Committee approves and accepts the project.

Among the areas declared as Kyaukata's smoke, the public and private public passenger transport, restaurants, trains and ships that receive the notifications of the Ministry of health and sports are.

The people responsible for smoking and smoking control of tobacco products have regularly inspected more than 150 tobacco smokers in the municipality.

The main tracking of the group is, above all, training and awareness-raising campaigns so that Kyauktada's non-smokers know each other. Likewise, it also campaigns to raise awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco products.

As a result of the Group's data inspections, only 25 people are prohibited without custody. About 45 pc does not follow the instructions, while the other 25 pc standards do not stop smoking. About 5 people said they did not know the existence of the rule.

"We will provide untoward certificates for people who help to create a non-smoking environment in the non-smoking areas of the municipality, and we will continue to monitor and monitor the non-smokers of the end of the project," said U Htoo Kyaw, administrator of Kyauktada and Tobacco Product head of the team responsible for smoking and controlling consumption.

The People's Health Foundation will be the oldest city of Bagan, Mandalay has named it an unwarranted heritage this year.

Throughout the year, the Alliance for Tobacco Control in South East Asia, a Tobacco Anti-Tobacco Promotion Team, referred to Pindaya caves in Shan State, to promote healthy surroundings and to protect the cultural uniqueness due to the legacy of smoke heritage.

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