Saturday , June 10 2023

Transcripts in Google Call Screen that are now being deployed in Pixel


The Google feature that triggers the function of the screen with Pixel 3 is very useful, but it was slowly running. In addition to One, Call Screen Transcripts, and just a couple of weeks after the addition, the feature is running out.

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As some Reddit users have indicated, this week, Google has rolled out screen transcripts with Pixel owners. It's not clear exactly how it works, but I've already got it on my device. So far, many people seem quite successful or lost.

Here the functionality is very clear, as the caller keeps the assistant and vice versa. There is no direct shortcut to the transcript when the call ends, but to achieve this it is not difficult.

How to access Google Call Screen transcripts

To access transcripts on the screen of your Pixel call, you must first enter the incoming call. When the call is complete, Google will automatically save the details of the conversation in your call log. To check it, go Latest Calls, press a call and select Call the details. From there, a note should be read See Transcript. To do this, the transcription of this call will be revealed.

To show the dialog for this call, this feature also allows users to send their own screen views. The simple conversation at the top of the screen allows the quality of the transcription to face up or down.

Again, there is still no word yet on how to open it, but if you have a pixel screen on your screen, give a shot and let us know if you have any comments for you.

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