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Transit police investigated off woman after off the bus allegedly touching the driver – BC


Traffic police are investigating a video social media show that shows TransLink a bus driver without having to travel outside the bus.

4:30 p.m. It was around the winter 100 bus, according to the traveler traveling on the Knight Street Marine Drive, according to the video he shot.

The video begins after the alleged contact has occurred, and the traveler pointing to the woman, she started angry at the bus driver.

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"Get it hell on my bus! Get it in my bus right now or call it the police. You do not have to contact a person when driving a crowded bus," he said.

The woman was listening to saying something behind, but it was not clear what she said.

It is not clear what kind of contact was made between the passenger and the driver.

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The video was directed by the traveler, who did not call his name, said that the incident fell due to a stoppage stop.

"The woman wanted to go out of the bus and, apparently, the driver stopped the signal or did not press the button," he said.

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"After going on the road, he began to be angry. As I went up to the bus driver and started approaching the next bus, he started an apparent attack.

"I did not hit him to see him, because he was standing between me and the driver, but apparently he was tired, the bus stopped and started recording."

Metro Vancouver Transit Police Sgt. Clint Hampton said they had watched videos, but they have not yet talked to the driver.

"At this time we do not appear on a file," he said.

"I talked to our watch commander, he is aware of the sergeant that covers the Canadian area and creates a file."

Global News has requested TransLink comments.

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