Monday , May 29 2023

Trent Reznor gave Ted Cruz abuse and confirmed he did not "drink his beer" / Boing Boing


Trent Reznor started his Nine Inch Nails concert a few days ago, saying to his audience that "Senator Husband" was a confusion to the list of guests, "Texas Senator was a delicate defense.

"I was asked by the" Nine Inch Nails "in a list of guests for the" notifications "I did not like my music, it was clear, and I also recorded it. It did not last" drink its beer "… but I would like it! #FakeNews

When Spin wrote about Reznor's comments, they would arrive yesterday in Cruz to comment on them, but he did not listen to them. If the cross does not allow a story about themselves, it will lie on the "fake video" and "gullible" reporter. Cruz himself would think himself parrot Trump all the time, he realized, whether Reznor's statement was true or not, the rock star said there was no fake news.

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