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Trinity Development's Eugene Melny, CSMI, has a billion dollar suspicion


CTV Ottawa

Published Tuesday, December 18, 2011 11:25 AM EST

Last Updated March, December 18, 2018 12:16 PM EST

Trinity Development Senator Ottawa Eugene Melny and Capital Sports Management Inc. are currently suing $ 1 million in co-operation with Lebreton Flats.

The countersuit court died Tuesday morning, a few weeks ago Melny was sued by John Ruddy and Trinity Development $ 700 million. Melnyk says he is a business associate, John Ruddy took advantage of historic urban planning to grow a complex of 900 street Albert Street. The Bayview LRT station is located near Lebreton Flats.

In Countersuit, Trinity Development and Ruddy say Melnyk's "meritless & # 39; It's a claim against John Ruddy & # 39; especially the scandal & # 39 ;.

The countersuit means: "The CSMI and its CEO, CEO and CEO, Eugene Melny, along with other CSMI directors, included CEO Cyril Leeder from the beginning of the RLG Joint Venture, about 900 Albert. . 900 Albert CSMI / Trinity was the relationship. "

The Trinity Development lawsuits were also financed by the taxpayers of Trinity and Ottawa, due to employment by Melny, as the center of the downtown area.

According to Countersuit, "The real goal of CSMI and Melnyk is to have an Ottawa or Trinity Foundation and build a $ 500 million event for the Ottawa Senators hockey team for a 30-year lease for the Senators. The CSMI also has the right to own title and the right to control Lebreton's project ".

Trinity also denounces the contradiction Melnyk can not pay his bills to get Lebreton's plan. On Tuesday they presented court documents, "CSMI neglected or neglected its financial obligations … It is reasonable that the CSMI does not have any financial sound."

On Tuesday, Ruddy expressed his willingness to move forward on Lebreton's project: "Let me be clear, I undertake to carry out this project. Our approach is straightforward. NCC, the City of Ottawaand will prevent the community from making this project a reality that will make it a reality and avoid losing these major territories for a number of generations. "

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