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Trudea has lost the order of moral rule

Justin Trudeau should immediately request the Governor-General to dissolve the Parliament, making general elections in April. Instead, he and his consultants are likely to hunker down and hope time reveals public harassment over their acts.

But there is no mistake: according to the testimony of Jody Wilson-Raybould, most of the prime ministers and advisers were severely injured when the law was regulated repeatedly by the general attorney for partisan political reasons in SNC-Lavalin's criminal courts. When he threatened to do so, he denied it and had no dealings with these threats that he had not removed from his portfolio.

The first prime minister, who has been prosecuted by the High Court, has no confidence in the House of Congress. This government must fall.

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Instead, the liberal pride will probably continue to support the leader's blind loyalty. And the strategies that are being prepared for the October scheduled elections are still the lines: if the prime minister was convicted of SNC-Lavalin, SNC was simply saving thousands of possible jobs; Nobody wanted to press or threaten the former minister; he always made the final decision.

It can be cleaned with some people, but not many others. The testimony of Wilson-Raybould on Wednesday was a complete decision that the liberals no longer govern a moral government.

Michael Wernick, secretary of the Council of Peoples, has a testimony last week. When Mrs. Perez-Raybould insisted that she did not apply "inadequate pressure", she hoped that most public officials in the nation expected her testimony before giving it up. If so, it failed. Mrs. Wilson-Raybould was listening attentively, but she constantly described pressure, partial worries, fears and threats, a campaign based on the sharp notes made at each meeting, and did not believe him.

The secretary's testimony has been said to be even more demanding and worse, according to what he said.

But Trudeau is an act worthy of condemnation. When the story of Globe and Mail appeared, when Mrs. Wilson-Raybould refused the accusation of SNC-Lavalin, the story was false, it was not false.

If Mrs. Wilson-Raybould had concerns about her when she said she was duty bound to raise them, she had to be aware that she was praised for each meeting, as long as it did not happen.

Mrs. Wilson-Raybould, who was the general attorney, said Scott Brison was not appointed president of the General Directorate of the Treasury, because he forced a confused cabinet. Mrs. Wilson-Raybould thought she was forced herself. the wallet did not bend its will.

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And when the reporter said, again and again, Canadian authorities arrested Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou because extradition hearing was a nationwide rule of Canadian law, knowing that he was a hypocrite rank. He drew a lawsuit in the hole, every time he attempted to appeal an attorney general for a lawyer.

Really believers, despite serial abuses, the liberals still adapt to rule the country, and bring Trudeau to the party. Maybe SNC-Lavalin was trying to save jobs and pensions, and other parties are trying to stay too far to the right or left. That would be reasonable.

However, Mr. Trudeau would have to believe that he could mislead the powers of his office, and that his senior managers are willing and that Canadians do not trust in their federal government. Bill Morneau, the Minister of Finance, also wanted to pressure Mrs. Wilson-Raybould to cut the costume of SNC-Lavalin, with no budget submission. This government can not replace Canada so far.

Let the world of hunger hall rescue the reputation of the party now and the October scheduled election. Partisans recite the front lines of the cameras. The thing to do is deciding the people's destiny for this government. It is necessary now to have an election.

The former National Court has asked how SNC-Lavalin was asked to avoid prosecution, increasing the seasonal loss of work in Québec's elections. Canadian press

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