Tuesday , January 18 2022

Trudeau has selected 3 seats, B.C. Singh looking for NDP on horseback


February will be what Canada will often give to the next federal elections, which polls pollute three voters polling stations.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced the outings of York-Simcoe Ontario, Outremont, Quebec, and Burnaby-South B.C. will be held on February 25 The calls are followed by the claims of the following opposition, which the liberals have necessarily delayed by leaving the elections and positions blank.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh expects B.C. A seat at the Commons House.

The Burnaby South byelection – the former former Kennedy Stewart New Democrat, nowadays the mayor of Vancouver, is dismantled – Singh leadership will be a decisive test.

According to the United Nations, some NDP parliamentarians have rejected the federal elections in elections or have already abandoned them. The revenue earnings of the Party are poor and 16.7 percent receive support in the CBC encryption, aggregation of all available publicly available voting data.

Singh will be the sole proponent of the liberal and business candidate, Karen Wang, conservative Jay Shin, a corporate lawyer, and Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson's Canadian Talk Party at Canadian People's Party.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said her party would go back and "respect her" courtesy leader because she was not a candidate against Singh.

Meanwhile, Quebec and Ontario

The new Democrats have also had a tough battle with Outremont, when former leaders Tom Mulcair forced him out of politics this summer. The horses of Montreal have had a symbolic side after the party, Mulcair won the Liberal Fort in 2007.

The next selection would allow Quebecers to see how Singh sees them. So far, the results of the final election of the party have been much lower. The NDP ended Chicoutimi-Le Fjorden in June in the third place and the fourth in a 2017 Lac-Saint-Jean competition.

Julia Sánchez, a political beginner in the background of the humanity sector, will try to keep her leather horseback in order to make the banners of liberal lawyer Rachel Bendayan. Professor Jasmine Louras is undergoing a conservative aspect and the green ones have been the leader of Daniel Green to go to them.

There's still no word in Maxime Bernier's match.

NDP candidate Thomas Mulcair is headed by Jack Layton. to the right, after accepting Outremont's selection, on Monday at Mount Horseback, on September 17, 2007. (Ryan Remiorz / Canadian Press)

The main political parties will also be on horseback riding in York-Simcoe Ontario, former MP Conservative and former minister Peter Van Loan have retired from political politics.

The business owner is hoping to keep Scot Davidson in northern Arizona blue riding. The Liberal nomination meeting will be held on Saturday.

Another job to finish

Today's ads do not address all the House Command jobs.

Until recently, Sheila Malcolmson made her ride with Nanaimo-Ladysmith on horseback. It has been carried out by the NDP, but in these provinces.

A Liberal official has said that CBC News will not call a federal declaration, instead of the Nanaimo MLA-turno mayor, before the end of the race to replace Leonard Krog.

Meanwhile, Liberal Nicola Di Iorio, who was not present at the Parliament's parliament, when he left home, was taken to sit down this fall, said that he will die in April as a member of the Saint-Leonard-Saint-Michel parliament.

This timeline allows Trudeau to call a selection and leave Di Iorio's seat blank for a maximum of nine months before the general election on October 21.

Time has been questioned

The government is under fire for other parties, without calling on elections.

On a weekend rally, Singh delayed the admission of Trudeau, the prime minister B.C. In Ottawa, the voice is not too long.

"This is a decision that is the basis of our democracy," said Singh.

Last week, conservative leader Andrew Scheer complained that Trudeau was playing "political games".

"The seats' seats are deserving to hear their voices," said Scheer in a statement. "Justin Trudeau needs everything he needs, and immediately call the election in all the empty seats."

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